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Why Bethesda Made Brink Free To Play

If you haven't been keeping up with the news lately, Bethesda recently made Splash Damage's 2011 outing, Brink, free-to-play over on Steam. You don't have to pay a dime for the game. It really came out of nowhere. However, there's a reason as to why the game went free-to-play, and Bethesda recently spoke about how it came to that decision.

Fallout 4 Is Getting A Free Weekend

If you missed out on Fallout 4 when it first launched back in 2015 and now you want to give the game a go, you can do so throughout this weekend... for free. The game will be available for both Xbox One and PC users, enabling gamers to play through the title without any restrictions.

Elder Scrolls Online Is Free To Play This Week

ZeniMax Online announced that they have a new promotion that they have running for Elder Scrolls Online, where the game will be free for an entire week. Not only that, but gamers will have access to large amounts of content that were previously behind pay-walls.

Gearbox CEO Denies Battleborn Free-To-Play Rumor, And He's Not Nice About It

Shortly after publishing a piece that claimed that Gearbox and 2K Games were considering making Battleborn free-to-play this November, president of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, fired off a response on Twitter that both denied the rumor and reproached the original story.

World Of Tanks Finally Rolls Onto PlayStation 4

At long last, World of Tanks’s unique brand of rolling multiplayer combat has arrived on the PlayStation 4, becoming the latest in a growing line of free-to-play games to grace Sony’s system.

World Of Warships Launches

Joining the likes of World of Warplanes and World of Tanks,'s World of Warships has officially launched as a free-to-play naval battle game for PC games. In celebration of this announcement there will be a weekend event with three times the amount of XP being handed out during ranked battles.

WildStar Will Go Free-To-Play Later This Month

Carbine Studios is taking WildStar and overhauling the game with an all new free-to-play system. The game will forgo the subscription-based model and will instead sell optional items that can be purchased with real money or with a new currency earned in the game.

Halo Online Mod Shut Down By Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced Halo Online, a free-to-play multiplayer rendition of the popular sci-fi shooter. It was designed as a testing “opportunity” for Microsoft to gauge the value of the brand as a free-to-play title on PC... over in Russia. Well, modders were displeased with the region-specific game and tried to bring the title to other territories. But Microsoft didn't like that.

Fable Legends Is Free-To-Play

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft announced that Fable Legends is a free-to-play game. In a way it kind of fits into the MOBA genre given its design, yet it still retains some of the old feeling from the original Fable titles. A new video was released to help give gamers an idea of what to expect from the free-to-play title.

Marvel Heroes 2015 Gets Huge Update For Valentine's Day

Marvel Heroes allows players to take on the role of their favorite hero and play online. The creator of the game has mentioned that Gazillion has some big plans for the game in light of Valentine's Day being around the corner.

Triad Wars Live-Stream Drops Massive Details

I'm not all too fond of live-streams since they can sometimes devolve into a lot of senseless chatter, but I must admit that the Triad Wars live-stream absolutely delivered and contained tons of useful information.

Dreadnought Gameplay Video Features Huge Ships Blowing Each Other Up

The team released a new five minute video of the battle-cruiser based multiplayer deathmatch game, where players will hop into the cockpit of a dreadnaught-class starfighter and do battle with other players in spacious deathmatch arenas.

Firefall Devs Take Control Of Bosses This Weekend

Battling enemy AI can be tricky at times but, if you really want a challenge, it's usually best to take your favorite shooter online and go toe to toe with live human opponents. Well, players in Firefall will get the best of both world this Sunday, as the team at Red 5 Studios will be granting control of certain in-game boss characters to highly effective members of staff.

Heroes And Generals Hits 2.6 Million Players On Steam's Early Access

After joining Steam's Early Access platform after spending a good deal of time in an alpha state, the game quickly gained 1.5 million new players since going live on Early Access.

Warframe PS4 Update Includes Revamped Tutorial, UI, Pets And More

Alright, ninjas, get ready for what is potentially the largest update to ever come to Warframe since it launched on the PlayStation 4 last year, as the team at Digital Extremes introduces Update 14: The Mad Cephalon.

Dizzel's Early Access Cash Shop Giveaway Goes Live

OG Planet announced today that Dizzel is currently available on Steam's Early Access platform. The third-person shooter has been on a long road toward release and it's finally happened. In becoming available to wide audience, OG Planet wanted to giveaway some free promotional goods for Dizzel, including a free FN-P90 assault rifle.

Wakfu, Turn-Based MMO Enters Open Beta

Turn-based strategy games are already a rare breed but a turn-based MMO is even rarer. Ankama kind of turns the MMO concept on its head with their latest free-to-play title, Wakfu. The game has finally left the closed testing phase and has entered into open beta for all to play.

Planetside 2 Getting Massive Update With Tons Of Changes

We don't hear much about Planetside 2 outside of some news surrounding its inevitable launch on the PlayStation 4. However, the game is still making some massive gains in the performance and content department over on PC. The free-to-play title has evolved quite a bit since its launch and the latest patch notes happen to be quite lengthy.

Rise Of The Incarnates Fighting Game Gets Beta Details

Bandai Namco games have pulled the curtain back a bit further on their latest game, Rise of the Incarnates, a free-to-play brawler that now has a closed beta scheduled for Aug. 8 through Aug. 17. And, wouldn't you know it, we just so happen to have all of the details on how you can get involved.

APB Reloaded Catches Over 200 Cheaters With New FairFight System

It's hard to tell sometimes who's cheating and who's just really good at sniping you with a pistol from nearly 100 meters out. Well, GamersFirst published an updated post on their new method for finding, catching and combating cheaters, as well as utilizing a name-and-shame tactic to discourage cheating.

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