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Harmonix Hit With A Round Of Layoffs

Renown developer of music games, Harmonix, has been hit with a round of layoffs at the company. After recently releasing the electronic board game DropMix, the developer had to reduce overhead by cutting down on the staff count.

The Show's Almost Over For One Harmonix Music Title

Harmonix has subtly announced that one of its games is being pulled from digital store shelves for the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The announcement sort of came out of the blue and has hit the Harmonix music community like a ton of bricks.

Rock Band 4 Is Adding A Seriously Epic Song

Harmonix is still updating Rock Band 4. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true, it's really true. The developers recently announced that a seriously epic song from the past will be making a return to form in Rock Band 4 this Thursday for $2.99.

Mass Effect Items Are Coming To Rock Band 4, Check Them Out

Harmonix is still rocking it out with Rock Band 4 when it comes new content. They've just recently announced that some brand new gear is set to arrive in the music-rhythm game and it's based on content from Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of either game.

Harmonix Next Music Game Will Require An All New Plastic Toy

Harmonix is already looking forward to their next big music gig following up on their success with Rock Band and their latest Rock Band VR endeavors. Their newest project is a bit of a divergence from what you might be expecting, though.

The Initial Rock Band VR Setlist Looks Like A Great Start

Harmonix getting back control of Rock Band from Electronic Arts has allowed them to be a bit more free spirited with how they approach content for their game. Well, one of the things they're doing is embracing VR and they just released the initial setlist of songs for Rock Band VR.

Rock Band VR Has A Release Date, Pre-Orders Now Open

The Rock Band game series was always designed to try and make you feel like a real rock star. Now, Harmonix is almost ready to take that one step further. They announced a release date for Rock Band VR.

Harmonix Launches Loyalty Sale Ahead Of Rock Band Rivals Release

Leading up to the release of Rock Band Rivals, Harmonix decided to offer gamers a sweet deal on a selection of content for Rock Band 4 as part of their "Loyalty Sale".

Rock Band 4 Made A Huge Announcement At PAX East, Get The Details

Harmonix has some big plans for Rock Band 4. And no, this isn't a follow-up on the Battleborn news. The team actually has announced that they will be bringing synchronous online multiplayer to the title later this year.

Could Led Zeppelin Finally Be Coming To Rock Band? Here's What The Dev Says

According to the folks at Harmonix, the Rock Band team is still hard at work trying to nail down rights to some of modern music’s biggest names. Much to the delight of rockers everywhere, the game’s set list may one day include the likes of Led Zeppelin, for example.

Battleborn Is Coming To Rock Band 4, Get The Details

Harmonix and Gearbox Software have teamed up for a Battleborn and Rock Band 4 crossover. During PAX East this weekend in Boston, Massachusetts, CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, revealed that their upcoming first-person shooter would be making an appearance in the music-rhythm game.

Rock Band 4 On PC Is Offering Every DLC Ever For An Outrageous Amount Of Money

Harmonix is trying to get Rock Band 4 on PC. They're doing so using the new crowd-funding service Fig. They also want to offer PC gamers a way to get their hands on every piece of DLC they released for the game so far for a single payment. The only problem is that they're asking for $2,500.

Rock Band 4 Is Seeking Funds Through Crowdfunding

Harmonix has decided to bring Rock Band 4 back to the crowd-funding arena to gather some cash for a potential PC release. Right now the game is available only on the Xbox One and PS4, but they're looking into the possibilities of moving the game over to the home computer if they can secure enough funding from gamers.

Why Is Harmonix Wiping The Rock Band 4 Leaderboards?

If you’ve ever played Rock Band 4, then you know the game was shipped completely riddled with bugs. In order to start working on getting rid of some very detrimental bugs, the Rock Band 4 dev team, Harmonix, had to take some drastic measures.

Rock Band 4 Developer Admits To Posting Five-Star Reviews On Amazon

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but, when it comes to leaving a five-star review of a game you helped make on a site like Amazon, it’s probably not the smartest move. And that’s exactly what happened recently with several Harmonix employees and its latest game, Rock Band 4.

Rock Band 4's Full Song List Announced

Harmonix announced the last batch of Rock Band 4's soundtrack today. Here's the full list of songs you'll be able to perform in the song at launch

Rock Band 4 Kicks Things Up A Notch With Its Latest 10 Tracks

As we march ever-closer to the release of Rock Band 4, Harmonix keeps letting slip new details to ensure we're on our toes. GameSpot reports there are 10 new tracks that have slipped out now for the music and rhythm game, and this time around I can really dig what's on the docket.

Van Halen Is Coming To Rock Band 4

Van Halen previously rocked out in Guitar Hero: Van Halen, but now they're coming to Rock Band 4, with a whole swath of content. Revealed to Entertainment Weekly, Van Halen's famous track "Panama" will be included on Rock Band 4, making this the band's first debut in the rhythm game series.

Pretend You’re Playing Air Guitar With This New Rock Band 4 Game Mode

Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live appear to be going in two separate ways, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Harmonix began streaming a video showing off what the game is dubbing "Freestyle Mode,"

You’ll Feel A Fever Coming On With The Latest Rock Band 4 Tracks

The train keeps a-rollin' for Rock Band 4, as a whole new set of songs were announced today for the upcoming rhythm game.

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