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Leading up to the release of Rock Band Rivals, Harmonix decided to offer gamers a sweet deal on a selection of content for Rock Band 4 as part of their "Loyalty Sale". The sale will see gamers getting 30% off on select content packs in the music-rhythm game.

The tweet posted up by the official Rock Band Twitter account notifies gamers that they have just one week to cash in on some sweet deals for Rock Band 4, between October 11th and October 17th. The DLC that's discounted for Rock Band 4 includes Off the Charts, for $5.94, U2 Essentials for $9.44, P!NK pack for $4.89, Linkin Park pack for $6.99, Going Country pack for $5.94, Fueled By Ramen for $6.99 and The Black Crowes for $3.84.

Over on the official Harmonix Music website they announced that the DLC discounts taking place at select times will also work in conjunction with the upcoming release of Rock Band Rivals, which launches on October 18th, just after the DLC sale concludes.

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It's a slightly odd time to hold the sale only because if people dump a lot of their money into the Rock Band DLC wouldn't it mean that they might be shy of the necessary funds to purchase the Rock Band Rivals game? I mean, the deal ends just a day before the new title drops, so if you blow all your cash on the DLC on October 17th then you might find yourself short of the funds required to buy the new game.

Additionally, it's mentioned on the website that picking up the Rock Band DLC will also enable you to battle against other players in the online mode when it goes live in December. They don't offer a specific date on when the online mode will go live but it will be in December. The DLC will work with the upcoming game's Rivals Mode challenges, as well as allow players to battle through the Rockudrama feature.

Regardless of Rock Band Rivals, if you're actually interested in building up your collection of songs by grabbing lots of DLC packs, you can do so between October 11th and October 17th for the PlayStation 4 in North America.

They don't mention anything about Xbox owners, so they're likely going to be left out in the cold. Rock Band 4 was also supposed to be crowd-funded to appear on PC as a digitally distributed title. Harmonix used Fig, the investment crowd-funding platform, to gather the necessary funds to make the game viable on PC, but the campaign ended on April 5th, only managing to bring in $792,000 on their $1.5 million dollar goal.

The exorbitant price for the game's crowd-funding campaign was because Harmonix planned on using the funds to pay port house Sumo Digital to do the PC port of Rock Band 4 for them. Things didn't quite turn out the way they wanted and some gamers quickly became turned off when they found out that the title was relegated to receiving funds through Fig.

If you're interested in playing Rock Band Rivals but you want to fill out your DLC library with more songs, now may not be a bad time to check out the discounts before October 18th gets here.

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