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Indian Horror Game Dear Charlotte’s First Trailer Is Horribly Unsettling

Sometimes when horror games follow a trend, they fall into a tedious, repetitive pattern until the horror is no longer a surprise, but predicted and expected. But for one Indian independent developer, they've managed to capture an essence of horror games that were thought long lost.

5 Horrifying Historical Stories That Would Make Great Video Games

There are a number of video games being created, especially now that narrative games have hit an all-time high in popularity recently, that have dealt with horrifying stories in history and turned them into interactive adventures in a video game. But these five real historical happenings should definitely follow in their footsteps and be made into a video game.

A New Puzzle Platformer Is Coming To The PS4 At The End Of The Month

Sony has been making the PS4 home to a lot of smaller games in between their big releases. Usually they use them as a way to hold gamers over until the AAA titles arrive. One of those games is called Klaus and it's an interesting puzzle-platformer due for release at the end of the month.

Sierra Returns: King's Quest, Geometry Wars, More Coming Back

If you wanted quality PC gaming, you bought Sierra games. Well, Sierra is making a return to form under the Activision publishing license and the subsidiary will be getting back to the basics and publishing games that made them famous in the first place.

Teslagrad Bringing Electrically Charged Platforming To PS3, PS4, Wii U And More

Looking for a puzzle platformer with a shocking twist? Then might I interest you in Teslagrad, coming from Rain Games and Soedesco and offering tons of puzzles and platforming action.

Dieselstormers Launches For Steam's Early Access

Black Forest Games has managed to churn out yet another Kickstarter success. The developers have announced that Dieselstormers, the disel-punk side-scrolling action game, has managed to finish its Kickstarter run with a launch on Steam's Early Access platform.

100 Kickstarted Games Have Made It Onto Steam's Store

The Kickstarter page on Steam boasts more than a 100 games that have been crowd-sourced and brought to life on everyone's favorite PC gaming digital distribution outlet.

StarForge Gets A Major Update, Proving It's Not Dead

Just prove the naysayers wrong, the developers released a massive update for the game, making it known that the project is still alive and well and that it isn't the sort of Kickstarter scandal that some forum members would lead people to believe.

Videos Show How To Tame And Ride Dinosaurs In The Stomping Land

Players will take on the role of tribal members attempting to build up their camp, build up and recruit members to their tribe, fend off their village from intruders and, of course, tussle with and tame dinosaurs in the stomping land.

Superhot Could Come To Wii U, Xbox One, PS4

Nintendo Enthusiast recovers the low spirits by reporting that Superhot, the Kickstarted first-person shooter where time only moves when you move, could be coming to the eighth gen home consoles

Witchmarsh Brings 1920s Co-op Murder Mystery To Kickstarter

U.K., developer Inglenook is bringing this 1920s, story-driven, murder-mystery, side-scrolling co-op RPG set in Massachusetts to life... on Kickstarter.

Never Alone Brings Inuit Folklore To PS4, Xbox One, PC This Fall

This beautifully rendered, almost environmentally-minimalist platformer is steeped heavy in the history of the Inuit tribes of the north Alaskan plains. As explained on IGN, players will assume the role of a young Iñupiaq protagonist named Nuna. She's joined by the game's deuteragonist, the arctic fox.

Magicka: Wizard Wars Casts An Open Beta This Month

Few people know this about wizards, but they are actually a rather rambunctious bunch, always getting into tiffs and flinging spells at one another. According to Paradox Interactive and Paradox North, gamers will soon be able to experience this sort of behavior for themselves as Magicka: Wizard Wars gears up for open beta.

DayZ Sells 2 Million Copies

Another milestone has been reached for DayZ's standalone release. Dean “Rocket” Hall took to the social media sphere to make it known that the open-world, zombie-survival game has managed to sell more than 2 million copies.

Downfall Aims To Carry On Dead Space's Legacy Via Steam Greenlight

There are a couple of interesting new games now available on Steam's Greenlight service looking to get a few up-votes and favorites from the Steam user community.

Blade Symphony - First Impressions: Not Quite Bushido Blade's Spiritual Successor

Well, after spending many months sitting in my library, I took the opportunity to install and boot-up this ambitious sword-fighting game.

Pro Wrestling X, BoneTown, Celestian Tales And More Get Greenlit For Steam

The boys and girls at Valve have greenlit 75 interactive entertainment titles, including a few games that have some gamers so far up in arms that you would think that a retirement home full of Republicans were forced to sign up for Obamacare.

WindForge First Impressions: Hunting Sky-Whales Is Hard

There aren't many games like WindForge around, even though the game is another side-scrolling survival title. What's rare about the game is the fact that it's all about the player and their airship: Your airship is your lifeblood.

Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall Impressions: A True Love-Letter To Cyberpunk Fans

I've had more time to put into Dragonfall for Shadowrun Returns, and the game just keeps getting better and better. Oh wow is it a far cry from the original Dead Man's Switch.

Wii U Video Spotlights Upcoming Side-Scrolling Games

Nintendo Enthusiast's Jason Lepine will be spotlighting more than 120 upcoming games coming to the Wii U this year and next year. In the first of the multi-part video series, Lepine goes over all the noteworthy side-scrolling adventure games coming to Nintendo's new generation home console.

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