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Minecraft Is Finished With Legacy Consoles

Just picked up an Xbox 360 because it was dirt cheap at your local GameStop? Maybe you scavenged an old PS3 fat edition from out of a garage sale? Or heck, maybe your uncle gave you his old Wii U because he picked up a Switch? Well, don't expect much support from Minecraft on those legacy systems, because it's done. It's ending. It's finished.

DC Universe Online Is Shutting Down On PS3

After releasing on PS3 back in 2011 under the then named Sony Online Entertainment, Sony and Daybreak Game Company have announced that DC Universe Online is shutting down for the PlayStation 3. You'll want to get in as much game time as possible before the server's plug is pulled.

Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls Included In Next LEGO Dimensions Release

The cross-branded support for the LEGO Dimensions game still astounds me to this very day. The LEGO Group announced that three new Fun and Team packs will be added to the game, including a classic horror character in Beetlejuice, and one of the most iconic Cartoon Network shows out there, The Powerpuff Girls.

PlayStation Plus Reveals Free Games For May

The month's PlayStation Plus offerings will take you from the bottom of the ocean to the furthest reaches of space, with six games rotating in across three platforms to bolster your Instant Game Collection.

Bad News For The Last Of Final Fantasy 14's PS3 Players

There is bad news inbound for the last-gen system and Square Enix's popular MMORPG. Read on to get the details.

The PlayStation 3 May Be On Its Way Out, Get The Details

It's been a long, successful road for Sony's PlayStation 3, but it looks like the last-gen game console's days may be numbered.

If You Own A Fat PS3 Sony Might Owe You Money

The lawsuit against Sony for removing Linux from the original PS3 SKUs, known as the "Fat" system before it was replaced with the "Slim" SKU, has taken another step forward after six years of slow moving litigation. Some gamers are now eligible for being owed money by Sony if they have a "Fat" PS3.

How You Can Get Battlefield 4 DLC For Free Right Now

Electronic Arts and DICE are continuing to give away free content for Battlefield 4 leading up to their reveal of Battlefield _'s campaign mode. The free DLC is the _Naval Strike content, which came out two years ago back in March. It's available right now for Xbox, PlayStation and PC gamers.

When You Can Play Life Is Strange Episode 1 For Free

Life Is Strange is a compelling, narrative rollercoaster built on the in-game decisions of the gamer, and if you weren't too sure about the game from the start, now's your chance to try it out.

New Trailer For Batman: The Telltale Series Is Wonderfully Gritty And Dark

After a recent leak of a Batman: The Telltale Series release date, Telltale Games has finally come forward not only with the official release date, but also a new trailer that shows off the upcoming game.

Bioshock: The Collection Is Happening, Get The Details

Something's churning over at the 2K Games' website and it smells like a major Bioshock reveal.

I Tried Playing The Sims 4 Without Cheating And Here’s What Happened

Ever since the debut of The Sims back in 2000, cheat codes have been a critical part of surviving in The Sims universe. Without the cheat codes, how would you make so much money? Get a job? But I wanted to see just how hard it would be if I limited myself to playing The Sims 4 without cheat codes, and things didn't turn out so well.

Sony Could Owe You Money, Get The Details

At long last, it appears as though Sony has come to an agreement with the team of lawyers representing PlayStation 3 owners who felt wronged by the removal of Linux functionality from the last generation console back in 2010. If the agreement reaches final approval, it looks like Sony could be forking over millions of dollars.

Why There Needs To Be One Final Attempt At A Silent Hill Movie

While some might agree that the Silent Hill movies aren't that bad, I could rage on for hours about all of the ways they totally destroy the Silent Hill name. And even though I'm more keen on the second installment than the first, I would still be open to someone pushing out a third movie to seal the deal.

3 Perfect Actors Who Could Play Nathan Drake In The Upcoming Uncharted Movie

There have been a number of rumors flying around about who is going to play the ever-so-charismatic and charmingly sarcastic Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. Well, we wanted to weigh in on exactly who we think deserves the role the best, after having played all of the Uncharted games.

Mighty Number 9 Review: Not Quite Mega, Man

It's been a long time coming, but Mighty No. 9 has finally launched and players can now take the titular robot on his first big adventure. But does this spiritual successor to the Mega Man series live up to its lineage?

Just How Bad Is The Mighty No. 9 Launch? Here’s How Gamers Are Responding

The most popular chatter on the internet right now is just how horrible the launch of Mighty No. 9 has really been---and it's been pretty terrible. So of course, the internet has taken to Twitter to announce just how they feel about Mighty No. 9, including Sega's very own Sonic The Hedgehog.

How The Slaying Mechanics Work In Attack On Titan

Swinging mechanics that would make Spider-Man jealous? Check. Massive, grotesque monsters with a convenient weak spot at the back of their necks? Check. A main character who yells a lot? Check. Yep, the upcoming Attack on Titan game certainly lives up to the source material, giving gamers a chance to take down one monstrosity after another in rapid succession.

New Leak Indicates There Might Be A Devil May Cry 5 On The Way

Since the last Devil May Cry game, a non-traditional take on the series called DmC: Devil May Cry, fans have been demanding another game in the style of classic Devil May Cry games, and the developer may have just answered their cries. A recent listing on a resume suggests there's another Devil May Cry game in the works.

Persona 5 Has Big Plans For E3, Get The Details

Atlus has revealed some of what you can expect from their booth at E3 this year with Persona 5 headlining their content. They will have character designer Shigenori Soejima on hand to answer fan questions, as well as featuring guests to come on stage to talk about the game and its design.

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