Telltale Games is very close to releasing the third episode of their Walking Dead adventure game. The developer says that Episode Three: Long Road Ahead may arrive within the week.

"Episode Three: Long Road Ahead is in submission with our first party partners and we are anxiously awaiting a release date to be confirmed," a Telltale rep told IGN. "We anticipate that this could be as soon as next week, and as soon as we have a confirmation on all platforms, we’ll be letting everyone know as soon as it happens."

In Walking Dead: The Game, players take on the role of escaped convict Lee Everett. In the wake of a zombie outbreak, Lee bands together with a small group of human survivors to stay alive. To keep the group intact, Lee will have to make a number of hard decisions. Five episodes are planned in total for this season. Telltale has confirmed a second season as well.

In the third episode, Lee and the other survivors decide to leave their previous camp in search of a safer home. They'll meet at least two new characters, Omid and Christa, on their journey. You can catch glimpses of each in the video interview at IGN.

Telltale previously pledged to release Episode Three this month. Hopefully they'll be able to stick to that time table.

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