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Why Kingdom Hearts 3 Took So Long To Come Out

Square Enix is finally getting ready to launch Kingdom Hearts 3 later in January for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For gamers curious exactly why it took so long to get done, there's actually a reasonable explanation for that.

Square Enix Is Apparently Already Working ON PlayStation 5 Games

If you need any further proof that the next generation of games consoles is just over the horizon, a Square Enix employee recently let slip that they are currently working on a new game for the PlayStation 5.

Kingdom Hearts Will Get One More Compilation Before Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix decided to put together a brand new compilation of stories that will help flesh out and explain the story of the franchise ahead.

Why Square Enix's The Quiet Man Needed To Use Live Action Cut Scenes

Using live-action cutscenes in video games is a trend that has largely fallen out of fashion, but Square Enix's upcoming game The Quiet Man felt it needed to go this route.

New The Quiet Man Trailer Looks Amazing, Answers No Questions

In the latest trailer that Square released for The Quiet Man, we get to see a little bit more of the game in action but we still have no idea what the actual game is about or what the details of the story are.

Square Enix Apologizes For Not Making Enough Copies Of Octopath Traveler

The JRPG from Square Enix and Nintendo came out last Friday, on July 13th, and fans are already clamoring for more copies after the offerings ran dry. This prompted Square Enix to issue an apology for not making enough copies of Octopath Traveler.

Why Square Enix Announced The Final Fantasy 7 Remake So Early

We got a lot of updates on the development of a lot of games during the recent E3 2018, but one game that was noticeably missing from the mix was the remake of Final Fantasy VII. In a recent interview, Director Tetsuya Nomura admits that Square Enix revealed the game a bit too early, though he argues it was for a good reason.

Square Enix Wants To Make More Switch Games

Square Enix already has a couple of JRPGs available on the Nintendo Switch, with Octopath Traveler set to arrive on July 13. And, if all goes well, the studio plans to bring even more games to Nintendo's latest platform in the coming years.

Square Enix Will Host Its Own E3 Press Briefing

This year's E3 is shaping up to be a pretty big event. There are a number of press conferences set to take place this year, including one from the Japanese publisher, Square Enix. That's right, the company announced that it will be participating in the press conference line-up to discuss its upcoming titles.

Life Is Strange Will Continue As A Comic

With the second story arc of Life is Strange finally drawing to a close recently, fans of the series may find themselves wishing they could go on just one more adventure within the game's world.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour Sets 2018 Dates

While few fans of the Kingdom Hearts series can claim to know what the heck is going on in the story, the one thing pretty much everybody can agree on is that the music featured in all of the games is top-notch. \

Marvel Reveals New Details Of Upcoming Avengers Gaming Project

While the studio at Crystal Dynamics bulks up, it looks like development on the upcoming Avengers collaboration between Marvel and Square Enix is moving full steam ahead.

Former Head Of Sonic Team Joins Square Enix

It's a new year and, for former Sonic head Yuji Naka, that means it's time to set off on a brand new adventure. It looks like he'll be moving from hedgehogs to chocobos by taking up a new position with the folks at Square Enix.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is Getting A Physical Release

Deck Nine and Square Enix will be giving gamers even more Life Is Strange in the form of the new Life is Strange: Before The Storm physical edition.

Square Just Clarified The Status Of Deus Ex

Square Enix seems to be on a tear lately with reorganizing how the business handles its intellectual property. Earlier in the year the company parted ways with IO Interactive and let the developer keep the Hitman IP. Recently, Square clarified what the status was of the Deus Ex franchise.

Fear Effect's RTS Game Will Get A Nintendo Switch Release

We haven't had a new Fear Effect game in 16 years. Well, Sushee and the Square Enix Collective are changing that by bringing the game series back with Fear Effect Sedna.

Final Fantasy 15's Update Adds To The Franchise's Lore

Square Enix has plans on continuing to support Final Fantasy XV long after the game's original launch back in late 2016. The company has committed to that with the latest update, which has been made available right now for home consoles.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Will Arrive In October

Very few single-player games manage to stay relevant and receive consistent updates an entire year after release. Well, Square Enix seems to have a different kind of philosophy about that when it comes to Final Fantasy XV. In fact, the game is evolving from an epic single-player adventure into a prequel multiplayer title starting this October.

Square Enix Is Working on Something New For Nier

One of the breakout hits earlier this year for PS4 and PC was Platinum Games and Square Enix's Nier: Automata. The philosophically charged action-RPG really turned heads (for more than one reason), and now it seems as if Square isn't done with the series and may have something new in store for Nier.

What Final Fantasy 15's Director Thinks Of Mods

Final Fantasy XV is already a big game, and it's continuing to grow on a regular basis thanks to constant content drops, new modes and the like.

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