The Best Gift Ideas For Fans Of The Shining

Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining
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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is a film with a potent legacy. It’s a work of haunting beauty and exceptional psychological terror, and every frame is a cinematic wonder. In the four decades since its release, it has continued to enrapture audiences, and continues to be widely celebrated as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Part of that celebration involves fans developing collections with items either from or inspired by the feature – which brings us to the subject of this feature.

If you know somebody who is a fan of The Shining, and are looking for present ideas to come through for them in an awesome way this holiday season, allow this to serve as a one stop shop. Below we have collected 10 of the best Shining gift ideas we could think of, ranging from home video releases to fun prop replicas, and we’ll start with…

The Shining 4K Blu-ray cover

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The Shining 4K Blu-ray

While it’s probably a fair bet that the majority of people who consider themselves big fans of The Shining already own the movie on home video, it’s the obvious place to start just in case – and not all fans may have the best version of the film that is currently available. An excellent 4K edition of the classic horror flick was released by Warner Bros. in 2019, and it is packed with excellent special features, including a commentary track, a behind-the-scenes documentary made by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter, and multiple featurettes.

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Doctor Sleep 4K Blu-ray cover

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Doctor Sleep 4K Blu-ray

Thanks to Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep, the legacy of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining didn’t stop at one feature, and the 2019 film is a phenomenal follow-up based on Stephen King’s sequel to his own original novel. While existing as its own story, the movie exists as a kind of wonderful tribute to the 1980 classic, and at this point no Shining fan’s collection is complete without it. If you know one such individual who doesn’t yet have a copy of the 4K Blu-ray, you can right that wrong with a gift this holiday season.

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Jack Torrance Funko pop

(Image credit: Funko)

Shining Funko Pops

Like most popular movies and TV shows, there is a line of Funko Pops dedicated to The Shining, and while they aren’t all extremely easy to find, they do make for excellent gifts. The one that is most widely available is the normal Jack Torrance, but you can also find vinyl dolls designed to look like Jack when he is frozen at the end, Wendy Torrance, Danny Torrance, and the Grady sisters (who come together as a special two-pack).

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Room 237 keyring from Toynk

(Image credit: Toynk)

Room 237 Keyring

The design of the Room 237 keyring isn’t a complex design, as it is a thin red block with white lettering – but it is bold in its simplicity, and instantly recognizable (plus it is actually practical, as its size and shape aren’t overly obtrusive). It makes for a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for any Shining fan – though you should probably keep on the lookout for dead ladies in bathtubs behind any door it’s used to open.

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Shining axe from Trick r Treat studios

(Image credit: Trick r Treat Studios)

Shining Axe

Want to get someone the axe from The Shining but don’t want to risk them accidentally cutting themselves on a sharp blade if they walk too close to it? This is the solution! It’s made from lightweight foam, but from afar it looks totally real, and it’s a great accent piece for a collection. If one is in a Halloween pinch, it also pairs tremendously well with a plaid shirt and burgundy corduroy jacket to make a great Jack Torrance costume.

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Room 237 Blu-ray

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Room 237 Blu-ray

The fanhood of The Shining is a complex tapestry that includes people who love it as a classic horror film, as a Stephen King adaptation, and as a cinematic masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick. There are also some who appreciate it because they believe that it’s a movie knee deep in wild conspiracies – and that’s a history that is compiled in the documentary Room 237. If a friend or a loved one who is a fanatic has never seen it, they may start to look at the film they love in a whole new light.

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Apollo 11 shirt from TeePublic

(Image credit: TeePublic)

Apollo 11 Shirt

Speaking of conspiracy theories surrounding The Shining, one suggests that the movie is Stanley Kubrick’s subtle confession about faking the 1969 moon landing, and one piece of evidence pointed to is the Apollo 11 sweater worn by Danny Torrance during some scenes. Whether or not there is any truth to that notion is doubtful, but it certainly is a cool sweater, and this holiday season you can surprise your favorite Shining fan with the design in sweatshirt form – a perfect gift for all ages.

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The Shining T-Shirt from Out Of Print

(Image credit: Out Of Print)

Shining Book Cover T-Shirt

Does your friend or loved one who digs The Shining enjoy the book just as much as the movie? Well, this second sartorial gift idea will likely be greeted with a big smile and hugs from the select individual to whom you give it. The shirt features the artwork that was featured on the first edition hardcover copy of Stephen King’s original novel, published in 1977, and it has a great vintage look that wonderfully accentuates the illustration.

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Overlook rug by Cepere

(Image credit: Cepere)

Overlook Hotel Rug

The look of the Overlook Hotel is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is spellbinding and spectacular, from the cavernous Colorado Lounge to the ornate Gold Room, but perhaps the most iconic aspect of the production design is the hallway carpeting – most famously featured as Danny Torrance rides around on his big wheel. While it would probably be impractical for a fan of the film to redo the flooring of their home with the pattern, you can help one out by purchasing them the next best thing: an area rug. It works in any space, and it looks fantastic.

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Shining socks from antcreptson

(Image credit: antcreptson)

Shining Socks

The Overlook Hotel carpet design isn’t just for floors anymore; it’s also for your feet. Those who find themselves hypnotized by the brilliant orange, black, and red pattern will love sporting these through the cold winter months, and will certainly love to unwrap a pair during the holidays. Socks don’t always make a great gift, but these are an exception.

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