There may be no more coveted comedy job in Hollywood than Ghostbusters 3. Ivan Reitman has abdicated the throne, giving a chance for all of Hollywood to seize the brass ring. It only feels like a battle royale, really: every comedy director in the industry is going to vie for this immediate ticket to the A-List. As a result, Sony is going to consider just about everyone under the sun, each one responsible for a different, exciting new vision for the Ghostbusters series.

But what KIND of director would take this job? We here at Cinema Blend decided to parse the list of potential filmmakers to find the ten most likely types of filmmakers who would take on this lofty position, finding not only ten possible choices, but ten types of choices, with all the variables found therein. Here are your potential helmers for one of the most in-demand comedy jobs in history.

The Dream Choice
Who Is This? Probably a comedy lifer, someone with proven, funny hits on his or her resume, and a Rolodex loaded with the top names available.

Most Likely Choice: Adam McKay has been itching to do more action since the shootouts in The Other Guys. With Anchorman 2 he pretty much did the unthinkable, fighting tooth-and-nail to get the movie, HIS movie, through the studio system, bizarre digressions and absurdist humor intact. This is a guy who once served as head writer for Saturday Night Live: you can bet he’s seen Ghostbusters a hundred times.

Other Potential Dream Choices: Edgar Wright (Ant-Man), Paul Feig (Bridesmaids)
The Repertory Player
Who Is This? This is the type of director who comes complete with his own cast. He’s got a list of regulars who are going to join him on the job no matter what, so you’ve already got your cast figured out. The studio might be able to get a couple of stars, but this director’s bros and ladies are sure to dot the periphery somewhere.

Most Likely Choice: Jay Chandrasekhar is a member of the Broken Lizard troupe, one who has not only directed the bulk of their films, but appeared in several. While the Super Troopers stars have basically fizzled out in Hollywood and would surely only play supporting roles in a Chandrasekhar-helmed Ghostbusters 3, the director himself has steadily worked in Hollywood, behind the camera for hits like The Dukes Of Hazzard and episodes of Arrested Development, Community and New Girl.

Other Potential Repertory Players: Akiva Schaffer (Hot Rod), Jorma Taccone (MacGruber), Dan Eckman (Mystery Team), Matt Piedmont (Casa De Mi Padre), Dennis Dugan (Grown Ups), Jeff Tremaine (Jackass)
The Establishment Pick
Who Is This? Likely the one name the studio feels most comfortable with. He’s proven, steady, reliable, and everybody knows his name. In more commercial circles, his name has cachet, and for the most part he won’t piss off the hardcore fans.

Most Likely Choice: Todd Phillips used up a lot of goodwill with the declining Hangover series. But he’s got a long list of comedy accomplishments on his resume, and, lest we forget, The Hangover Part III still grossed $362 million worldwide.

Other Potential Establishment Picks: Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street), Jay Roach (Austin Powers), Will Gluck (Easy A), David Dobkin (The Wedding Crashers), Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy Stupid Love), Seth Gordon (Horrible Bossess), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), the Farrelly Brothers (Dumb And Dumber), Rawson Mitchell Thurber (We’re The Millers)
The Apatowian
Who Is This? Someone who has achieved the bulk of their success under the influence of producer Judd Apatow. Also, someone who’s probably going to be able to bring along the actual Apatow actors, some of which remain bankable.

Most Likely Choice: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg left a major mark on the Apatow legacy by writing Superbad. While their irreverent take on The Green Hornet was underloved, their directorial debut was the successful and well-liked apocalypse comedy This Is The End. While they’re busy adapting Console Wars and directing The Interview, they’d surely find time to make the most bromantic Ghostbusters 3 possible.

Other Potential Apatowians: Nicholas Stoller (Get Him To The Greek), Greg Mottola (Superbad)
The Legacy Pick
Who Is This? Someone related to someone who has been involved either in the original Ghostbusters, or the early filmographies of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and, to a lesser extent, Ernie Hudson. Possibly a nepotistic hire, but more than likely a sentimental one.

Most Likely Choice: Jake Kasdan is a second generation filmmaker who has been around long enough to feel as if his work is always paying homage to earlier work. He’s got some crossover with the Apatowians, helming not only Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story but the Apatow-written The TV Set, maybe the best post-Freaks And Geeks thing Apatow has ever been involved in. And his last film was Bad Teacher, which made a surprising $216 million worldwide.

Other Potential Legacy Picks: Jason Reitman (Up In The Air), Jason Bateman (Bad Words)
The Upstart
Who Is This? A comedy nerd from the indie world. Accustomed to working on the cheap who brings a fresh perspective but could be easily overwhelmed by the entire thing.

Most Likely Choice: Jordan Vogt-Roberts impressed many with last year’s The Kings Of Summer and has developed relationships with the top comedians in the industry through his short film work. He’s only 30, but surely he’s seen the original Ghostbusters once or twice, no?

Other Potential Upstarts: Lake Bell (In A World…), Jesse Peretz (Our Idiot Brother), Maggie Carey (The To-Do List), Nat Faxon and Jim Rash (The Way Way Back)
The Irreverent
Who Is This? Someone who takes the job with either a sloppy, nonexistent interest in the plot dynamics of the film and franchising potential. Or, a filmmaker who wants to explore the mythos in an unusual or unexpected way, scaring off execs with their uncompromisingly odd vision.

Most Likely Choice: Few filmmakers have the same disdain for plot and conflict quite like David Wain. The sketch comedy veteran has become one of the funnier and more vital comedy filmmakers working today not only for his thematic interests, but his absolute refusal to kowtow to modern comedy conventions. That penchant stranded Wanderlust, his last film, but it greatly strengthened the shaggy dog appeal of Role Models.

Other Potential Irreverents: The Duplass Brothers (Jeff, Who Lives At Home), Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man), Lynn Shelton (Humpday), Richard Ayoade (Submarine)
The Mercenary
Who Is This? A skilled filmmaker who has zero plans to stick around, and no interest in planting seeds for a sequel. This is a professional director, one who has comedic skills and a solid track record, but one who has no desire to get on a bullshit merry-go-round with pushy execs.

Most Likely Choice: Jonathan Levine can’t be pinned down right now, jumping between genres with fare like 50/50 and Warm Bodies, all reflecting a gentle comedic tone amidst dramatic events. He’d handle both the menace of the ghosts as well as the brotherly camaraderie between the cast with aplomb. But you probably won’t get the guy to commit to a sequel, he’s got more, and different films to make.

Other Potential Mercenaries: Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest), Miguel Arteta (Youth In Revolt), Kevin Smith (Red State), Steve Pink (About Last Night)
The Auteur
Who Is This? The pie-in-the-sky pick, someone who is going to take the proton packs, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Ray Parker Jr.’s theme song and make them their own. This pick is highly unlikely to accept the reigns, due to the threat of corporate interference, and they’re unlikely to get it because they would turn the series upside down and make a (great?) unrecognizable film. This choice would also be expensive: in other words, dream on, bold sailor.

Most Likely Choice: Richard Linklater is a guy who has played the studio game before, and it resulted in him making salty but enjoyable kids films in School Of Rock and The Bad News Bears. These exercises sharpened his skills, and he returned to the indie world to make some of his best films yet, including A Scanner Darkly, Bernie and Before Midnight. He’d be compromising some of his autuerist tendencies to make the film, but not without his say-so.

Other Potential Auteurists: Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums), David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous), Tom McCarthy (Win/Win), David O. Russell (American Hustle), Spike Jonze (Her), Dan Harmon (Community)
The Worst Possible Scenario
Who Is This? Someone that excites the brass with bravado and money, despite being completely wrong for the job. Also someone who has traditionally made terrible and unfunny movies, but has a track record for aiming and hitting that lowest-common-denominator target, enough to call his own shots and be his own boss.

Most Likely Choice: It’s impossible to ignore the success of Seth MacFarlane, who has two hit series on television as well as a half-a-billion dollar franchise in Ted currently going. Does MacFarlane get the job? It’s more than possible.

Other Potential Worst Possible Scenarios: Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), Tyler Perry (Madea Busts Ghosts), Michael Bay (Transformers)
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