There may be no more coveted comedy job in Hollywood than Ghostbusters 3. Ivan Reitman has abdicated the throne, giving a chance for all of Hollywood to seize the brass ring. It only feels like a battle royale, really: every comedy director in the industry is going to vie for this immediate ticket to the A-List. As a result, Sony is going to consider just about everyone under the sun, each one responsible for a different, exciting new vision for the Ghostbusters series.

But what KIND of director would take this job? We here at Cinema Blend decided to parse the list of potential filmmakers to find the ten most likely types of filmmakers who would take on this lofty position, finding not only ten possible choices, but ten types of choices, with all the variables found therein. Here are your potential helmers for one of the most in-demand comedy jobs in history.

The Dream Choice
Who Is This? Probably a comedy lifer, someone with proven, funny hits on his or her resume, and a Rolodex loaded with the top names available.

Most Likely Choice: Adam McKay has been itching to do more action since the shootouts in The Other Guys. With Anchorman 2 he pretty much did the unthinkable, fighting tooth-and-nail to get the movie, HIS movie, through the studio system, bizarre digressions and absurdist humor intact. This is a guy who once served as head writer for Saturday Night Live: you can bet he’s seen Ghostbusters a hundred times.

Other Potential Dream Choices: Edgar Wright (Ant-Man), Paul Feig (Bridesmaids)

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