16 Blocks Gets A Sequel?

Today in an interview from his nursing home Bruce Willis gave details on Die Hard 4 and 16 Blocks 2 apparently believing in his addled state that the films would actually be made.

As an orderly cleaned strained pears from his chin Bruce told ComingSoon, "They're both being written. We've to throw a few more 'old man' jokes in the Die Hard script...". Willis then foolishly tried to stand up on his own, slipping and breaking a hip in the process, on the ground he continued "...we might bring Jack Mosley Back."

As he was wheeled away on a gurney Willis called out that "Bonnie Bedelia and Reginald VelJohnson, from the first films, are the only guys we've talked about bringing back."

Willis then began to cry demanded more strained peas, and a cure for pancakes and ducks.