The Internet is crammed with ways to remember 2012 in film, with more then a few of them on this site right here (start on the home page and you'll find plenty). One of the most popular but obsessive ways to sum up the year is through video montage, cutting up trailers or DVDs of the year's films into some kind of ultimate mash-up. I have no idea how people have the energy to do something like that, but I'm grateful for them, especially when they're as talented and well-versed in the year's films as Matt Shapiro.

He's posted his latest "The CInescape" video, with 2012 represented through films as wide-ranging as The Hunger Games and Compliance, and virtually everything else in-between. Take a look below.

I love all the bold choices he makes, from putting a tiger roar from Life of Pi over a shot of Leonardo DiCaprio screaming in Django Unchained to ending the whole thing with a shot of Luke Kirby smiling from the little-seen (but beloved by me) Take This Waltz. He also has a way of picking out gorgeous shots in even the most forgettable movies, so that Battleship and Resident Evil: Retribution feel right at home next to The Master and Les Miserables, and that Nick Fury of The Avengers seems to be in a conversation with Sam Worthington in Wrath of the Titans.

I'm a sucker for these kinds of mashups, but I think even skeptics can agree this is among the best of the bunch. And if this has you feeling especially nostalgic, you can click here to see Shapiro's Cinescapes going as far back as 2007.

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