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21 Jump Street's Brie Larson Heads To High School Again For The Spectacular Now

James Ponsoldt’s The Spectacular Now is one of those projects we’re all of a sudden hearing a lot about. Earlier, we reported that Project X and Footloose standout Miles Teller had been cast alongside Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) in the adaptation of Tim Tharp’s novel. Now another actress coming off a high-profile feature is tossing her name into the ring.

21 Jump Street co-star Brie Larson has joined Ponsoldt’s cast, according to Deadline. Larson will play Cassidy, described as one of the leads in the film. I’m not as familiar with Tharp’s novel, though from what I know, Teller’s character is supposed to be a popular high school kid who decides that he’s going to date a social outcast as part of an experiment. I assumed Woodley would be that girl (you know, made to look ugly like they used to do in those Freddie Prinze Jr. comedies). Maybe it will be Larson, instead?

Either way, Ponsoldt is making excellent casting choices when putting this Spectacular ensemble together. Teller was outstanding in Nicole Kidman’s heartwrenching vehicle Rabbit Hole, and Woodley flirted with an Oscar nomination for her character work in Alexander Payne’s drama. Larson held her own alongside some very funny actors in Jump Street, so Spectacular could go for humor and heart with this cast in place and likely hit it’s targets. From what we’re hearing, Ponsoldt plans to begin filming this summer in Georgia, so look for more Spectacular casting news to float across the wire in the coming weeks.

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