21 Jump Street was a weekly television drama starring Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise that ran on the FOX network. So fans of the original program might have been surprised by the number of F-bombs dropped by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the red-band trailer that recently hit the Web. That clip makes Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Jump Street look like Superbad with guns(which might end up being the case). But a safer, green-band trailer (via ETOnline) sells the picture to the mainstream, which is where Columbia Pictures is going to have to reach as the movie’s release date gets closer:

Oddly enough, it’s essentially the same trailer, just with the nastiest words scrubbed out. It establishes Hill and Tatum as rookie officers banished to Jump Street where, because of their young appearance, they’re tasked with infiltrating a local high school. The funniest bit remains Rob Riggle trying to slip Hill’s tongue back in his mouth while the latter rides a sweet drug high.

The supporting cast is decent. Ice Cube looks like he’s playing Ice Cube. I’m thrilled to see Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman getting more feature film work - though can you see him as anyone other than Ron Swanson now? Unlikely. And it’s worth noting that there’s no sign (yet) of Jump Street's reportedly massive celebrity cameo: Johnny Depp. Will he really appear in the finished product? Find out next March.

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