As of early October, the script for the 24 movie was said to be close to finished. There’s a new update on the project, which will bring Jack Bauer to the big screen for what is likely to be another action packed installment of the terrorist-thwarting government agent’s thrilling story.

24 star Kiefer Sutherland talked about the progress on the script in October and back then, it sounded like things were chugging right along for the much anticipated movie. Based on what Deadline reported today, that’s still the case as Mark Bomback is set to turn in the latest version of the script by the end of the year.

While Brian Grazer is set to produce the film, the movie has yet to find a director. Tony Scott is no longer on board to helm the film, but apparently Imagine and 20th Century Fox have a handful of names in mind for the role. If things go as planned, film could go into production as soon as next April, which is when Sutherland will be available.

?While we wait for more details, which will hopefully emerge once a director is on board and the script is finished, those of us who have been missing Kiefer Sutherland on Fox each winter have the upcoming new series Touch to look forward to. The series doesn’t officially premiere until March but Fox is set to show the pilot as a preview in January.

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