Not every Robin Williams performance was a winner. The actor was in some bad films, and sometimes he could be not-great in pretty decent fare. Still, his output was so consistent that it resulted in some of his performances falling completely by the wayside, work that would be grouped with other inessential material.

Williams, after all, wasn't so much a great actor as he was a great experimenter, attempting different films, giving diverse performances, taking a plunge where others would simply wade in. As a result, these five performances have been overlooked despite their significance to Williams' resume because of the growth in his craft, and the risks he took.

The Best Of Times
One of the earlier films in Williams' career, this comedy-drama pits him against Kurt Russell in a nerds-vs.-jocks story where one high school failure rings throughout eternity. Williams was still early into his serious acting career, so canning the manic persona he'd meticulously developed proved difficult. In much the same way it dogged Jim Carrey's career, that side emerges in Roger Spottiswoode's sports drama frequently, casting doubt onto Williams' performance as a frustrated banker who can't seem to ignore how his past has been tainted by a botched football play. Re-enacting the moment allows Williams to bounce off jock-ish Kurt Russell as the two form a comedic duo through a delicate balancing act that Williams would fail to replicate throughout the rest of his career.

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