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The number of A.C.O.D.s (Adult Children of Divorce) out there in the world is probably pretty sizeable, and gathering them all in one room would probably lead to a plethora of difficult and emotional conversations. We’ll be sharing a theater with two of them soon, but luckily it’s just Adam Scott and Clark Duke.

The popular Sundance film A.C.O.D. has found its distributors in The Film Arcade and Paramount Home Media Distribution. Deadline reports The Film Arcade will handle all the North American theatrical duties while Paramount will handle international theatrical rights, as well as the Blu-ray, VOD and TV licensing. It seems like this all-star cast would have attracted more buyers by now, but maybe they’re aiming more towards a holiday release, seeing as how this is basically a (dysfunctional) family movie at its core.

A.C.O.D. is the debut feature for Stuart Zicherman, who co-wrote the script with ex-Daily Show writer/producer Ben Karlin. The films finds laughs in the life of Carter (Scott), the titular child of divorce, whose normal life with a good job and a good girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is disrupted when his younger brother (Clark Duke) gets engaged. This means Carter is forced to reunite with his bitter parents, played by Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara, and all the emotional problems of his childhood rear their figurative heads as well. Also starring in the film are Jane Lynch, Amy Poehler and Jessica Alba, who will we expect to be the weakest link in this comedian-filled cast.

“A.C.O.D. is one of the funniest Sundance films we’ve seen and the audience at its premiere laughed the whole way through,” wrote partners from The Film Arcade. “Stu and his incredible cast have shown us that divorce hurts until you laugh. We look forward to bringing this entertaining film to audiences and adding ‘A.C.O.D.’ to the pop-culture lexicon.”

Unfortunately, no release date was mentioned, but as soon as it finds one, we’ll let you know. Assuming we’re still together that is.