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Adrien Brody And Sharon Stone Step In For Sam Rockwell And Kim Cattrall In Sweet Baby Jesus

I don’t know if it’s British pop star Pixie Lott’s involvement, Sharon Stone actually getting work, Adrien Brody going from one eccentric piece to the next or just the film’s plot, but there’s something a bit off about Sweet Baby Jesus. The film puts a comedic spin on the birth of Jesus. It takes place in the 70s and focuses on a guy named Joe who takes his pregnant teenage girlfriend, Mary (Lott), to Bethlehem, Maryland. Upon their arrival the townsfolk go into a frenzy believing they’re about to witness the Second Coming.

Back in May we found out that Sam Rockwell was to play the role of Joe and Kim Cattrall that of Mary’s mother, but now Deadline is reporting that those two are out and Brody and Stone are in. Well, Stone’s casting is set in stone (no pun intended), but Brody is still in final negotiations. Bette Midler is still on board to play the town innkeeper and Pierce Brosnan’s son, Sean, is hanging on as well.

Sweet Baby Jesus was probably better off with Cattrall and Rockwell, but at this point, there’s just no way to take a pass on anything involving Brody. While Stone has been pretty much off the radar the past few years, Brody is sending us film after film all of which are pretty good. Of course Rockwell is on a nice streak of his own, but there’s no looking back now, so we might as well just take what we can get and be happy with it. Regardless, proper talent or not, I’ve got a feeling this one is going to ride on Steve Blair’s script more than anything.

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