The Bad Guys Voice Cast: Where You've Seen And Heard The Stars Before

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When it comes to animated films, DreamWorks is one of the kings. From Shrek to How To Train Your Dragon, DreamWorks has made some amazing films in its time. My personal favorite has always been the amazing biblical musical, The Prince of Egypt, but now, a new film has come to join that list of awesome animated movies - The Bad Guys. 

Debuting as part of the 2022 movie release schedule, The Bad Guys is the latest DreamWork's venture, which follows a gang of animals who are criminals and try to pull off the ultimate heist, but when they are caught, have to pretend they want to be reformed citizens. Here is the cast of The Bad Guys and where you might have seen or heard them before. 

Sam Rockwell's character in The Bad Guys.

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Sam Rockwell (Mr. Wolf)

Mr. Wolf is the leader of the “Bad Guys” gang, and he is voiced by the superbly talented Sam Rockwell. Don’t be surprised if that name sounds familiar, as Rockwell is certainly one of those actors you’ve seen or heard many times before. 

In terms of movies, Rockwell has been in a variety of films, both critical and box-office hits. Some of these movies include Lawn Dogs, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Matchstick Men, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Moon, Seven Psychopaths, Richard Jewel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Stephen King adaptation, The Green Mile, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Way Way Back, Vice, Jojo Rabbit, and many, many others. 

Rockwell hasn’t been as active in television as he has in movies, mainly keeping his talents to the big screen. However, one of his biggest TV roles was voicing the character Vic Reynolds in the animated Netflix TV series, F is for Family. 

Marc Maron's character in The Bad Guys.

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Marc Maron (Mr. Snake)

Next up in The Bad Guys, we have Mr. Snake, the second-in-command to Mr. Wolf who's voiced by Marc Maron. Primarily a stand-up comedian, Maron is known for his comedy and many guest-spots on late night shows, such as the Late Show with David Letterman or Late Night with Conan O’Brien. However, he has plenty of acting credits that you might recognize him from, as well. 

Maron has had roles in films like 2019’s Joker, Get A Job, Sword of Trust, Stardust, To Leslie, Respect, and more. He has also had experience in television. From 2013-2016, he starred in his own show, called Maron. He’s also had roles in shows such as Harvey Beaks, Easy, the Netflix series, GLOW, and many other small guest roles that you might have seen him in before. 

Anthony Ramos' character in The Bad Guys.

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Anthony Ramos (Mr. Piranha)

Moving on to the next member of The Bad Guys, Anthony Ramos voices Mr. Piranha, who is the youngest of the gang and has a bit of a temper. Ramos has been making a name for himself the last few years with his musical and acting talent, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have heard of him. 

Ramos was a part of the original cast of Hamilton, which was released on Disney+ in 2020 and gave him even more exposure. Since then, Ramos has appeared in a variety of movies and television shows. He was a part of the In the Heights cast as the lead character, as well as having smaller roles in movies like Godzilla: King of the Monsters, A Star Is Born, Trolls: World Tour, and more. 

Ramos is also no stranger to television. He had a big role as Mars Blackmon in She’s Gotta Have It, as well as a big role in Season 4 of In Treatment, and a guest role on the Starz series, Blindspotting. He’s also going to be in the upcoming Disney+ series, Ironheart, so keep an eye out for this one. 

Craig Robinson's character in The Bad Guys.

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Craig Robinson (Mr. Shark)

The fourth member of The Bad Guys gang is Mr. Shark, who is a supposed master-of-disguise. He is voiced by Craig Robinson, a hilarious actor and comedian who has been in many movies and television shows that you might recognize him from - or, at the very least, recognize his voice. 

Robinson has appeared in many big screen comedies, including This Is The End, Hot Tub Time Machine, Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Sausage Party, and more. He’s also done a few dramatic films, with roles in movies like Dolemite is My Name and Morris from America. 

However, I know Craig Robinson originally from his work on television. One of his most prominent characters was Darryl Philbin as part of The Office cast. He’s also had many roles in other shows such as The Cleveland Show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, American Dad!, Ghosted, and more. Robinson has also stepped into hosting a little bit, with his gigs on both The Masked Danced and Your Attention Please. Currently, he stars as Craig in Killing It on Peacock. 

Awkwafina's character in The Bad Guys.

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Awkwafina (Ms. Tarantula)

Last but not least for the gang members in The Bad Guys, we have Ms. Tarantula, voiced by the talented Awkwafina. I’m sure at some point over the last couple of years you’ve heard Awkwafina’s name, and for good reason, as the actress is so funny and a star. 

Awkwafina has been in many films over the last few years. Some of her best include Crazy Rich Asians, The Farewell, being part of the Raya and the Last Dragon cast, and a big role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. She’s even going to be in the upcoming The Little Mermaid live-action remake as Scully. 

The star has also had a lot of experience in television as well. Awkwafina stars in her own series called Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, a comedy, but she’s also had other prominent roles as well, including a voice role in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, as well the host of Tawk. 

Richard Ayoade's character in The Bad Guys.

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Richard Ayode (Prof. Rupert Marmalade IV)

Next up, we have Professor Rupert Marmalade IV in The Bad Guys, who is voiced by the talented Richard Ayoade. Ayoade has been in a number of movies and TV shows during his career, so you might have seen him in a couple of things before. 

With movies, Ayoade has appeared in many films such as The Watch, The Double, The Boxtrolls, was a part of the Soul cast, and many more. Ayoade has also been very prominent in television. His biggest role this far was portraying Maurice Moss in the comedy, The IT Crowd, but he’s also appeared in many other shows such as Time Trumpet, The Big Fat Quiz, Strange Hill High, Gadget Man, Travel Man, Apple & Onion, and many others. 

Zazie Beetz's character in The Bad Guys.

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Zazie Beetz (Diane Foxington/The Crimson Paw)

Moving on, we have Zazie Beetz, who voices Diane Foxington in The Bad Guys, otherwise known as The Crimson Paw. Zazie Beetz is a name I’ve grown very familiar with over the last several years, due to her iconic portrayal of Vanessa in the FX series, Atlanta, which just returned for Season 3

However, Beetz has done more than just that and has been in many TV shows and movies. Some of her best known work thus far has been playing Domino in Deadpool 2,  Joker, Wounds, Dead Pigs, Geostorm, Lucy in the Sky, The Harder They Fall, and more. She’s also going to be in the upcoming Brad Pitt-led film, Bullet Train

Beetz's television works besides Atlanta includes playing Noelle in Easy, having a guest spot on Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, and voice roles in Robot Chicken. 

Lilly Singh's character in The Bad Guys.

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Lilly Singh (Tiffany Fluffit)

Tiffany Fluffit, a news reporter in The Bad Guys, is voiced by Lilly Singh, and as someone who grew up watching her, it is so cool to see her in a big-time movie like this. Lilly Singh got her start making sketches on her YouTube channel, Superwoman, but then broke out into the mainstream media when she started to host her own late-night talk show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh. 

Even though she hosted her talk show for two seasons, Singh has also had a variety of television and movie appearances. Some of her movie roles include a voice role in Ice Age: Collision Course, Bad Moms, and more. Her TV appearances include small guest roles in shows such as Life in Pieces, Fahrenheit 451 (which was a made-for-TV film), The Simpsons, Medical Police, and a recurring role in the Hulu original series, Dollface. She’s also a judge on Canada’s Got Talent. 

Alex Borstein's character in The Bad Guys.

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Alex Borstein (Misty Luggins)

Last but not least, we have Alex Borstein, who voices Misty Luggins in The Bad Guys. I’m sure if you’re a voice-actor fan, you’ve heard of Alex Borstein, who has done an extensive amount of voice work during her career, but one of her biggest roles thus far has been voicing Lois Griffin in the iconic animated show, Family Guy. 

However, besides her big voice role, Borstein has done plenty of other parts as well in both movies and TV shows. Some of her movie work includes Catwoman, Little Man, The Lookout, Killers, Ted, the stopmotion film, ParaNorman, Love the Coopers, Extinct, The Angry Birds Movie, and more. 

Her other TV roles include being a part of MADtv and doing several sketches, guest roles on Gilmore Girls, voices on Robot Chicken, voicing Latoyah in Slacker Cats, portraying Lou Deckner in Shameless, Dawn Forchette in Getting On, Susie Myerson in the Amazon Prime original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and many others. 

With such a large cast, it’s no surprise that all of these characters are played by such talented actors and actresses. Maybe now you've found a new show or movie to watch because of them. Hopefully they’re not as bad as the Bad Guys gang in their other projects, though. 

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