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Henry Cavill's Argylle: An Updated Cast List For The Apple TV+ Movie

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Apple TV+ movie Argylle
(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Though he may still be working in the world of his Kingman universe, director Matthew Vaughn just can’t pass up a good spy story. After reading a manuscript of author Elly Conway’s espionage thriller Argylle, Vaughn dedicated himself to shepherding this cinematic take on the project, and took Henry Cavill along for the ride. It wasn’t too long before a veritable who’s who of actors were cast in the Apple TV+ original film, and as you’re about to see, the faces who are involved in this particular game are both familiar and intriguing. Let’s take a look at the cast for Argylle, starting with the star of the show.

Henry Cavill walks out of smoke in a green velvet jacket in Argylle.

(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Henry Cavill

How can you have Argylle without the spy that bears his name? After making some trips to the world of espionage himself, thanks to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Henry Cavill has entered the spy game yet again. This time he’s a bit of a wild card, as our tale starts with this amnesiac protagonist being tricked into thinking he's merely an author of fiction. That being said, Cavill’s potential gig as James Bond may not be as certain as some would hope, especially if Argylle fulfills its ambition of kicking off a new trilogy of spy movies.

Dua Lipa dancing in a gold dress in Argylle.

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Dua Lipa

Making her acting debut in Argylle, Dua Lipa will also be providing the musical score and title song for the project as well. Playing a character named Lagrange, we saw her in the first official photo and footage of the film’s action, with Henry Cavill hinting in a social media post that trouble was ahead. Considering a bunch of guns are pulled on Argylle moments after he starts dancing with Lagrange, and she totally seems cool about it all, that’s probably an understatement.

Ariana DeBose smiling in an office in Argylle.

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Ariana DeBose

Our last actor in the cast that can actually be seen in character is West Side Story’s Ariana DeBose. An Academy Award nominee from this year’s contenders, DeBose is also known for her credits in the cast of Hamilton and the Netflix original movie The Prom. At the moment, it's unclear who she's playing in Argylle. However, judging by our first look, DeBose looks to be someone we can trust; which is more than we can say for her recent casting as supervillain Calypso Ezili in the Sony's Spider-Man Universe movie Kraven the Hunter

Sam Rockwell pointing as he's talking in Richard Jewell.

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Sam Rockwell

Here’s where we start to wander into darker, more unknown waters, as the rest of Argylle’s main cast is still a bit mysterious. Though that’s a good thing, especially when an actor as versatile as Academy Award winner Sam Rockwell is in the mix. A jack of all trades, Rockwell was most recently seen by audiences in the FX series Fosse/Verdon; and can next be heard in the Dreamworks Animation film The Bad Guys. The jury is still out on whether he’ll be a villain, an anti-hero or a hero on the sidelines in this dangerous world, but if you want to learn more about The Bad Guys, we have some information you’ll find most useful.

Bryce Dallas Howard pleas with Chris Pratt in Jurassic World Dominion.

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Bryce Dallas Howard

Dinosaurs aren’t the only source of action in Bryce Dallas Howard’s resume. The actor/director has tackled worlds like those of Jurassic World Dominion and The Mandalorian in the name of entertaining her fans. As a member of the Argylle cast though, her exact purpose isn’t defined just yet. We’d like to guess that she’d be an ally to Henry Cavill’s Argylle, but she could do a heel turn and play a villain trying to eliminate him.

John Cena on Peacemaker

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

John Cena

Speaking of heel turns, John Cena is part of this amazing roster of talent as well! The wrestling veteran who became a blockbuster player, Cena has used The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker to push his brand of chaos even further. Whatever role he’s playing in Argylle, it had better be one that takes full advantage of the Matthew Vaughn line of action-comedy, as he’s clearly built for this sort of thing. 

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor.

(Image credit: Showtime)

Bryan Cranston

Returning to the world of movies for the first time since 2020’s The One and Only Ivan, Bryan Cranston has still been a busy man. Leading up to his casting in Argylle, Cranston has been on stage with productions of both Network and Power of Sail, as well as led the Showtime series Your Honor. Of course, his moral alignment in this movie is also in question, as the world best remembers him as bumbling Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and the vicious Walter White in Breaking Bad

Catherine O'Hara on Schitt's Creek

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Catherine O'Hara

Comedy legend Catherine O’Hara feels like a prime addition to the cast of a Matthew Vaughn film. While not confirmed, the synopsis for Argylle’s source novel written by Elly Conway hints that O’Hara may be playing the character of Frances Coffey. Known as “the CIA's most legendary spymaster,” she is the one who supposedly brings our spy back to the fold, in order to foil this nefarious plot. As fans of Catherine O’Hara’s best movie and TV roles would remember her iconic work on Schitt’s Creek, this suggestion could lead to a lot of jokes about how Moira became M for the world of Argylle

Nick Fury in Iron Man End Credits Scene

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Samuel L. Jackson

This isn’t the first time that Matthew Vaughn and Samuel L. Jackson have teamed up in the world of cinema. A legendary acting talent, Jackson was also Richmond Valentine, the central villain in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Whether that role has influenced Vaughn to either keep Samuel L. Jackson playing a villain, or to shake things up and use his heroic talents from playing the MCU's Nick Fury, is currently unknown. At the very least, it seems like these collaborators had so much fun playing together previously, they decided to use Argylle as their big reunion.

Rob Delaney as Peter in Deadpool 2

(Image credit: Fox)

Rob Delaney

Closing out the currently known cast list for this project is another veteran of the cinematic intelligence community, comedian Rob Delaney. Seen previously in Hobbs and Shaw, as well as being cast as an undisclosed character in Mission: Impossible 7, Delaney’s comedy chops are finding themselves put to the test among spies of different stripes. Argylle marks yet another cinematic appearance by the man who made an impression as Peter in Deadpool 2, though now we’re starting to wonder if we can really trust Deadpool’s seemingly mild-mannered BFF? 

The good news is that Apple TV+ subscribers will be rewarded for their patience when Argylle debuts as an Apple original film. However, that leads to the downside of not knowing when the film will be making its debut. While the wait certainly looks like it’ll be worth the time, it’s almost torture to show us a look at Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa together only to make us wait for an announcement. 

If you want to experience Argylle, the novel seems to be on track to be published this September. Which means you’ll have to look for other upcoming movies to entertain yourself in the world of cinema. Good thing there's plenty left to uncover throughout the rest of 2022.

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