Earlier this week we brought you information about a smart-phone app presented by Paramount Pictures and Qualcomm Labs to help connect Star Trek fans to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. But that kind of dry information sounds much more interesting when it’s coming from one of the film's stars, namely Alice Eve, who took to the stage at CES in Las Vegas to explain the app and talk a bit more about the movie. Watch and listen in this clip shared by Paramount:

Calling it the “hero-making app,” Eve says that fans can log in and become members of the Enterprise crew immediately after downloading. Audio scans and geo-location software is able to tell when app users complete new missions, rising up in the cyber “ranks” and unlocking fresh content, or “rewards”. Using a revolutionary new context-awareness platform technology called Gimble, the app relays back personal information, reportedly pointing you in the direction of Star Trek items that are in your area. Eve calls it “an Easter Egg hunt,” only with Trek paraphernalia. And as we mentioned, one lucky app user will be selected to attend the U.S. premiere of the film later this year.

The Gimble technology that Eve and Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs talk about is a little intimidating. As they say, it blurs the line between the digital world of a film and our actual world. Or, as Eve says, “the future is really not the future anymore.” It also means that Big Brother now has the capability to track us at all times with a silent app that runs constantly in the background while our smart phones are in our pockets, relaying back data to track our whereabouts. But hey, it’s all for the new Star Trek movie, so it’s worth it … right?

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