Amazing Spider-Man Producer Joins Jumanji Remake

Sony is very much putting itself in the remake business, having scored a major success with this summer's premature reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. They recently put major plans into development to remake Jumanji, the 1995 children's adventure film boasting early CGI effects that don't pass muster today. And now, to make that remake possible, they've brought in the guy who knows how to do it better than anyone: the producer of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Amazing how that works, eh? Variety reports that Matt Tolmach has been set to produce the "remaining," along with original producer William Teitler, who was also behind kid adventures like Zathura and The Polar Express. Given that the reboot was just revealed a few weeks ago, it's not surprising that there aren't any more details, but Tolmach and Teitler are presumably putting their heads together and figuring out a way to give the story a new sheen while also hanging on to what kids (i.e., me at the time) loved about the original back in 1995.

We're talking a lot about reboots around here this week, from 90s movies that must not be remade and the ones that might be better as remakes. Jumanji, much as I loved it when I was 11, seems like the latter, getting the benefit of modern technology along with a story that can be retold endlessly. Tolmach obviously knew how to make it happen with Spidey-- seems likely he can get that lightning to strike twice.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend