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Anna Faris Goes Dark And Short-Haired In Set Photo From The Dictator

Thanks to the publicity image released earlier this month, we know it's Sacha Baron Cohen's massive beard and 'fro we'll be talking about when the comedy The Dictator comes to theaters next year. But his co-star Anna Faris is actually garnering some follicular attention as well, at least in the kinds of corners of the Internet that still resent Felicity chopping off all her hair, or secretly wonder how well Jessica Simpson's hair extensions work. You know, the corners that care about fashion. Typically we're not one of those corners, but let's just go with this for now.

Anyway, TMZ, through their usual voodoo, have managed to snap a pretty clear picture of Faris on the set, her hair chopped short and dyed very, very dark. Of course, it's entirely possible she's wearing a wig-- and if I were as well known as she is for my lustrous blonde hair, I might not take that risk either-- but it's still a pretty striking look, and one that likely makes sense, as her character isn't some bombshell but the owner of a health food store. The Dictator is shooting in New York right now, and it's actually surprising that we haven't seen more set photos before now. Baron Cohen plays two roles in the film, the evil despot leader of a foreign nation and the poor goat farmer who secretly replaces the ruler. Trapped in New York on a visit to the United Nations when he realizes he's been overthrown, the dictator wanders the streets of New York aimlessly, and strikes up a friendship with Faris's good-hearted character, who apparently doesn't mind a serious beard.

The movie is set for release on May 11 next year, which means that right around the same time Bridesmaids came out this year, we'll have yet another original, and hopefully hilarious, comedy to kick off the summer. Plus Anna Faris's kickin' hairdo! OK, I won't be offended if you don't care about that part.

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