Annette Bening Will Love On Al Pacino In Dan Fogelman's Imagine

Screenwriter Dan Fogelman’s directorial debut, Imagine, has been in the works for three years now, first as a Warner Bros. vehicle in 2010 with Steve Carell attached. That went nowhere, and it turned into an indie film. Julianne Moore and Jeremy Renner were going to star in it at one point, but money issues came up again, and they dropped out. Fogelman, who wrote Cars, Tangled and Crazy Stupid Love, got Al Pacino involved late last year, and it has taken until now for Imagine to get anyone else involved. Note the thrilled tone.

Al Pacino is in final negotiations for the project, and now Annette Bening and Bobby Cannavale are both set to join him for Imagine, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bening will next be seen in Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini’s comedy Girl Most Likely, continuing a string of indie films she’s recently starred in. Cannavale, meanwhile, has cable TV in his pocket with roles on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. He last appeared in Taylor Hackford’s Parker and will next show up in the biopic Lovelace.

As someone who hasn’t read the script or knows anyone who read it, I’m having severe reservations about this one. Pacino will play a hard-living, aging rocker who discovers a letter that John Lennon wrote a to him when he was younger.. The letter sets his life on a different path. Bening will play a love interest and Cannavale will play Pacino’s estranged son, who doesn’t have much in common with his father.

A July production is planned for Imagine.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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