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Another X-Man Rumored To Cameo In The Wolverine

Back when it was revealed (via a Vine video) that Famke Janssen would reprise her role of Jean Grey in James Mangold’s upcoming The Wolverine, fans stopped trying to plot out which X-Men characters would cameo in the standalone Logan adventure. As far as they knew, the “riddle” had been solved. But has it?

JoBlo is reporting that reshoots on Mangold’s July adventure that took place recently in Montreal could suggest another important X-Men cameo in The Wolverine … so stop reading right now if you do not want to know. Seriously, stop reading.

Still here? The site says that one scene was filmed in a Montreal airport between Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Professor Charles Xavier (presumably played by Patrick Stewart, since Jackman’s Wolverine wouldn’t interact with James McAvoy’s Prof. X … at least, not yet). There were no additional details as to what happens in the scene, but if we’re allowed to speculate a tad, the inclusion of Professor Xavier makes all the sense in the world.

Wolverine will have to bridge from his standalone movie to Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, which the director currently is filming in Canada (giving this report extra weight). What’s undetermined, however, is how Prof. X survived X-Men: The Last Stand, where he transferred his consciousness to a comatose body but now, allegedly, is back in Stewart’s frame.

Including Prof. X in an end-credits sequence smacks of Sam Jackson as Nick Fury bridging the various mutant movies for 20th Century Fox. Which is totally fine, because if it eventually leads to the massive mutant team-up that will be Future Past, then we’re on board. The Wolverine opens on July 26. Think we’ll see Xavier in its closing credits?

Sean O'Connell

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