It’s a long way from talking about making a film to actually casting the thing. For example, David O. Selznick started planning Gone with the Wind in like 1877, but it didn’t reach the silver screen until 1939. It really doesn’t make it seem so long, then, that we reported on Lars von Trier’s planned horror film, Antichrist, back in 2006 and we are just now finding out about the casting and a start date.

According to Variety, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg have signed-on to the English language movie, to begin filming in Germany this month. The movie is described as “a psychological thriller that evolves into a horror film.” I’m not sure how that’s different than a plain old horror film, but Willem Dafoe is a scary looking guy, so maybe that’s where the horror comes in.

The script, written by von Trier and Anders Thomas Jensen, follows a couple, played by Dafoe and Gainsbourg, who head to an isolated cabin after their son dies. Of course, they will find no peace at the cabin as sinister forces begin to work. I’m not planning on catching this one. As great as Dafoe is, I was fooled into watching von Trier’s Dogville and I don’t think I want to sit through something like that again.

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