Serious question time: are there any fans out there who actually expect to see an Arrested Development movie get made? As time goes on and we hear more and more about the project's slow maturation, it's hard for fans to keep upbeat about the idea lest they want to be crushed by disappointment. Whenever one of the stars is in public, however, they inevitably get asked about the movie's status and now we have another update.

Hollywood Life caught up with Jeffrey Tambor, who plays George Bluth Sr. in the series, at the premiere of Tangled and he was not only happy to talk about the project, but says that it's scheduled to get started in 2011. Said the actor, "I know there is an idea kind of circulating, but everybody is on board and probably by next year at this time we’ll be in it." Tambor also said that while he hasn't seen the script yet, he hopes to have the opportunity to play both George and his twin brother, Oscar, in the film. Why? Because he likes seeing himself with long hair.

As a die-hard fan of the original series, I would absolutely love to see an Arrested Development movie get made. It's great to hear that everyone involved with the show is proud enough of their work to want to see the characters return, but at what point is it just endless teasing? And yet here I am reporting on this story which, in and of itself, is a way of keeping hope in the project alive. So here's the new deal, people: if November 2011 comes around and there's no Arrested Development film in production, it will be time to kill the dream.

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