WIth The Avengers coming to Blu_ray on September 25, it's time to start getting a glimpse at all the extras the disc will hold, and now we've got our first look at one of the deleted scenes. When Hulk leaves the helicarrier and crash lands into a warehouse somewhere, only to chat briefly with Harry Dean Stanton, it turns out we didn't see all of it in the theatrical release. Take a look at the deleted scene below.

The clip debuted at Entertainment Weekly, where they've had a fantastic stranglehold on all kinds of awesome Avengers extras-- their video roundtable interview, surrounded by a bunch of action figures, is a must-watch. And somehow it seems entirely appropriate that the first deleted scene we see involves The Hulk, who had the most heavy lifting to do as the biggest "new" character to the film, and whose identity crisis in dealing with his "condition" is one of the film's best emotional through lines. Leave it to Harry Dean Stanton to make it all so crystal clear.

Hopefully there will be a lot more to learn about whether Hulk is "a big man who turns into a little man, or a little man who turns into a big man" when we see The Avengers Blu-Ray in late September. For more of what to expect, click here to read our rundown of the disc and its special features.

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