Back To The Future's Tom Wilson Answers Questions With A List And A Song

Like others who were around and watching movies in the 80s, I associate Tom Wilson best with his role as the multi-generational bully Biff, Griff and Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen in the Back to the Future franchise. Though, my appreciation for his talent as an actor grew substantially when he played Coach Ben Fredricks in Freaks and Geeks. In addition to playing the occasional role in a film or TV show, Wilson is also an artist and a stand-up comedian. But you have to figure that people are constantly approaching him with Back to the Future-related requests and questions, telling him to make like a tree and get out of here, noting "what we have here," or asking him what he's looking at ("butthead").

Last fall, Wilson was featured on Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast. This image, which was posted at the Nerdist site at that time, has made a recent resurgence on Reddit (via GFR), and definitely worth a read if you haven't seen it already. It appears to be a cheat sheet of sorts, featuring the answers to all of Wilson's most frequently asked questions, most of which have to do with his connection with Back to the Future.

What I love about the answers is that, while it pokes fun at the repetition he has to deal with when it comes to his Back to the Future fame, the tone of it isn't bitter, irritated or unappreciative of the attention he receives for his involvement in the classic franchise. Instead, it's funny and polite and especially informative, answering pretty much all of the questions most fans would probably think to ask. My favorite part may be where he describes the contents of the manure he was repeatedly buried in for the movies. "Peat moss, cork, dirt and a food agent that made it sticky." Fascinating! (Wonder what that tasted like...) And after plugging his website, he offers his gratitude and blessings. Love it.

In case the above list sparks your interest in his comedy and musical performances, here's a video that went online back in 2006 and has Wilson addressing those familiar questions in song. It's pretty great.

If you're interested in seeing Wilson live, he has a few upcoming performance dates listed on his website.

Kelly West
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