With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arriving in theaters this Friday, everyone can head to the big screen to take another trip back to Middle Earth… but that's bound to only make you nostalgic for the original. Yes, The Hobbit has a lot of good things to it, but all early reviews promise that it doesn't have the same epic, emotional sweep of Lord of the Rings. So while you may enjoy your time with Bilbo, you could easily find yourself missing Frodo and Sam.

If you're feeling that tug of nostalgia for Lord of the Rings, then you are probably exactly the customer Mondo is looking for. The elegant poster design company has brought in designer Olly Moss to make two beautiful new posters for Lord of the Rings, which will be on sale tomorrow at Mondo Tees. Take a look at both of them below, and click to see larger versions.

Doesn't it just bring all that powerful score and gorgeous New Zealand scenery right back? If seeing The Hobbit this weekend makes you feel a little bad, like you're cheating on Gimli with Thorin Oakenshield, these posters might be the best way to cure the guilt. Make sure you keep an eye on Mondo's twitter feed tomorrow to see exactly when they go on sale, because like all of Mondo's limited edition posters, these will go fast.

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