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With The Town serving as a surprise smash hit (the film has made $107 budget international on a $37 million budget), it should be no surprise that Ben Affleck has started to receive offers from all over. Back in late September he was give the script for the 1940s cop drama Tales From The Gangster Squad and now he's being courted again.

Deadline reports that Affleck has been approached about directing and possibly starring in Replay, a 22-year-old project based on the book by Ken Grimwood. In the story, a radio journalist dies and wakes up to find himself 18 again with the chance to relive his life. The catch is that he remembers everything from his previous life and can use that knowledge to navigate down the right path. The only conflict may be Affleck's interest in making the New York Yankee wife-swapping film The Trade that Ben and his brother Casey are currently rewriting.

Affleck has shown a knack for directing hard drama and I'm not entirely sure that this is the best project for him, only because it feels as though it's been done before. It's essentially any body switching comedy without the young teen taking over the role as an adult. It's a strange thing to say, but Affleck is better than this movie.

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