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Ben Stiller's Red Hour And New Line To Make A Pregnancy Pact

As life-altering as having can child can be, it’s not surprising that films and TV shows are often finding new ways to get funny out of a new-parent scenario. In the case of Pregnancy Pact, the story precedes the babies as three friends make a pact to get their wives pregnant.

According to Deadline, the pitch was acquired by New Line and is set to be written by Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly, who are credited for writing The Diversification of Noah Miller, which made the 2009 Black List.

To be produced by Red Hour’s Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfield (Tropic Thunder, Zoolander), The Pregnancy Pact will follow four guys who conspire to get their wives pregnant in an effort to ensure their friendships with one another stay intact beyond the inevitable shifts of pre-to-post baby life.

It’s not hard to guess how a set-up like this might play out in a comedy film. Perhaps it'll start with some kind of introduction to a fifth member of the group who no longer hangs out with the other four since becoming a dad, having acquired a new set of friends, all of whom also have babies. And so, the four others decide that rather than go through the hassle of having to start over by completely new brolationships with other new dads when their time comes, they streamline the process by impregnating their wives at the same time. It’s a ridiculous plan, especially assuming they don’t bring their wives in on the idea, but, much like all stories that start with a ridiculous pact, there are places to go with it, and with the right cast, it could work.

As Deadline notes, the project is “considered a strong vehicle for three young actors.” No one is on board for the film as of yet, but word is, there are people circling the project.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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