Best Night Ever's Red Band Trailer Tries To Top The Hangover

WARNING: The following is a red band trailer that contains nudity and other adult content. It is NSFW.

Bachelor parties have long been a source of inspiration for comedy but with The Hangover, hard R pre-wedding cavorting became big business. Bridemaids and Bacherlorette gave this concept a female touch, while Last Vegas brought artificial hips and erectile dysfunction drugs and into the mix. But now, the guys who brought you ridiculous spoofs like Meet the Spartans, Vampires Suck and The Starving Games have taken their turn at bonkers bachelorette parties with Best Night Ever.

Coming from horror masters Magnet and Blumhouse Productions, I suspected this trailer would be for a girls night gone wrong in the way of serial killers or enraging a ghost bride or something. But nope! This feature written and directed by spoofmakers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer is a flat-out comedy, where there is plenty of mayhem and madness. But instead of being terrifying, it's meant to be hilarious.

Desiree Hall stars as bride-to-be Claire, who sets off to Las Vegas with her sister Leslie (Samantha Colburn), fun-loving bestie Zoe (Eddie Ritchard), and their eccentric new gal pal Janet (Mad TV's Crista Flanagan) for a wild night to toast the end of her singledom. But typical bachelorette party tropes like dumb hats and strip club visits end in flames, tears, and even a mugging. So these ladies get fed up and decide to fight back even if it takes them far from Vegas's dazzling lights and into its gross underbelly. Jello-wrestling, limo theft, and a rampaging naked stranger are just part of this Best Night Ever.

Okay, yes. The bachelor/bachelorette party trend has gotten old. But I have to admit, the found footage angle on it is something new. Basically, imagine if in The Hangover, the photos from Alan's camera weren't a fun end credit treat, but instead a whole other movie! This premise could work well in the small budgets and bit-stuffed features that Seltzer and Friedman are known for. It won't be groundbreaking or great cinema, but it could be a hell of a lot of fun.

Plus, while there are apparent references to other recent releases--like the neon robber's masks via Spring Breakers--this looks less like a spoof of the wild party subgenre, and more an attempt to top everything we've seen so far. Really, if you're going to attempt one of this comedic misadventures in the wake of so many, you best go big or go home. From its in-your-face nudity, unapologetic body comedy, and willingness to seriously rough up its heroines, Best Night Ever is clearly angling to do just that.

Best Night Ever Poster

Best Night Ever will be released OnDemand/iTunes December 26, 2013 and in theaters January 31, 2014.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.