Betty White Being Considered For Oh, God Remake

Be it because she is the last remaining Golden Girl, her role in last year's The Proposal, the Super Bowl commercial for Snickers or the fact that she just seems like a super lady, Betty White is in the midst of a career revival. Fan uproar already earned her the role of host on Saturday Night Live and now there is a growing campaign to get her to host the Oscars next year. Naturally, studios are going try and capitalize on any sort of success or popularity, so it shouldn't come as a shock that she is being offered movie roles.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is now gunning for a remake of the 1977 Carl Reiner film Oh, God! with Betty White in the title role, with Paul Rudd also being looked at to play the role played by John Denver in the original. The original film, which starred comedian George Burns, an assistant grocery manager is approached by God to be his new Earthly messenger. The idea of a remake has been around for years, but here's the catch: the article says that the studio doesn't even have "a script it loves" and it's possible that this article will be the first to let both White and Rudd know they are being considered.

While I certainly wouldn't object to seeing Betty White in more movies, why remake this one? It's not as though the movie has a massive cult following, and, in fact, it's a fairly mediocre comedy. Unless the producers are aiming to piss off religious folks like Bruce Almighty and Dogma did, I'm not sure I see the point.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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