Having at last finished reading “Down and Dirty Pictures”, like everyone in the shady world of film commentating I now assume myself to be an expert on Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Realistically I don’t know jack, so I’ll try and stick to the facts.

As we reported several months ago, the Weinstein brothers, founders and heads of the immensely successful indie distributor Miramax left their posts at the company they founded to strike out on their own. They’d sold Miramax to Disney years ago, and had at last grown sick of chafing under Eisner’s bit… or Eisner had become sick of their chafing. What version of that story you get depends on who you talk to. Probably a little both. Regardless, the two guys who changed the indie world in the 90’s dropped their company and struck out on their own. They took with them the loyalty of huge named talent like Tarantino and Mel Gibson, so it wasn’t like they were going to starve. Besides, Harvey has plenty of built in food reserves.

Well, now the brother’s new company (the rather poorly named Weinstein Co.) has funding. According to Yahoo Movies corporate monkeys Film Stew they’ve entered into a finance agreement with Goldman, Sachs, & Co. In addition, the brothers have signed an agreement with financier Tarak Ben Ammar, who will take on an undisclosed role in the yet to be launched company. With him, Ammar brings three films being produced by famed filmmaker Dino De Laurentis.

So why the heck do you care? Because like it or not, the past couple of decades have proven the Weinsteins a force to be reckoned with. They’ve got cash and they’re ready to start again, last time they changed the face of independent film, this time maybe they’ll invent flying cars or something. Or maybe just distribute really good, risky, challenging movies. At worst, they’ll make a lot of people hate them, providing plenty of material for future books about their film Nazi-like exploits.

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