New Report Disputes Claims Angelina Jolie Made About Brad Pitt And Harvey Weinstein

Angelina Jolie has been a bit more in the limelight recently as her divorce to Brad Pitt continues, her new movie Eternals begins to gear up for release and her new book Know Your Rights gains momentum. Oh yeah, and now that she's on Instagram too. The actress recently spoke out about her new book specifically in a recent interview, talking about how she felt assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and said she was “hurt” by Brad Pitt for working with him. Now, we’ve heard from Weinstein and sources close to Pitt on the matter.

Essentially a few days ago Angelina Jolie was promoting Know Your Rights, a book about rights children essentially have under a UN convention policy, including things like rights like, dignity, health, equality and more. As part of this, Jolie was asked about the early part of her career and working in the industry, and she stated working with Harvey Weinstein had been difficult, equating it with assault.

If you get yourself out of the room, you think he attempted but didn’t, right? The truth is that the attempt and the experience of the attempt is an assault. I really don’t want to derail the book into stories about Harvey. It was beyond a pass, it was something I had to escape. I stayed away and warned people about him.

Harvey Weinstein spoke from jail to his publicist to note to TMZ “THERE WAS NEVER AN ASSAULT” (all caps were his) and to state he feels the actress is simply attempting to “sell books.” But that was only part of what Angelina addressed in her interview with The Guardian. The other part was about how she felt that ex Jonny Lee Miller was supportive while ex Brad Pitt made choices she didn’t agree with.

I remember telling Jonny, my first husband, who was great about it, to spread the word to other guys – don’t let girls go alone with him. I was asked to do The Aviator, but I said no because he was involved. I never associated or worked with him again. It was hard for me when Brad did.

Brad Pitt worked for Quentin Tarantino as part of the Weinstein Company-produced flick Inglourious Basterds. Years later, Angelina Jolie called him out for it, but a source familiar with the situation also told TMZ that while The Weinstein Company did distribute Inglourious Basterds it was simply Tarantino that Pitt was interested in and whom Pitt felt he was working for. The source noted he never "teamed up" with Harvey Weinstein. A later movie, Killing Them Softly, was distributed by The Weinstein Company.

Pitt has since gone on to work with Tarantino on Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, though that movie was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing after the Weinstein allegations broke. Though technically Pitt has worked on movies that were related to The Weinstein Company, his other ex Gwyneth Paltrow painted a different picture of the actor when she said that Pitt defended her against Weinstein after he behaved inappropriately toward her while they were dating early in her career.

To note, Angelina Jolie is still friendly with ex Jonny Lee Miller and the two even met up over the last year. Meanwhile, she and Brad Pitt have been involved in a long and contentious divorce for years now and given the judge was just removed from the case, it could go on for a while still. As part of this split both members of the former couple have spent a whole lot of moolah and Jolie herself has pushed to maintain custody over the kids, though she has since moved the family to a home that is closer to where their dad lives. There hasn't been a ton of positivity following their split, as Jolie has said she separated from the actor for "the well-being of her family" also alleging alcohol problems from Pitt, who is now sober. It's unclear what all happened with the Inglourious Basterds incident, but Pitt took that role in 2009 when the two were well into the throes of a romantic relationship and already shared children.

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