More Information Comes To Light In Regards To The Harvey Weinstein Coronavirus Rumor

Harvey Weinstein

As coronavirus began to spread across the country in March, it was clear very early on that no place was truly safe. Prisons were one place where there has been a large fear of major transmission. While the populations are, to a degree, already isolated, if the virus ever did make it inside, transmission among the population would be difficult if not impossible to stop. This made the rumor that recently imprisoned Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had tested positive for coronavirus somewhat surprising, though far from impossible.

Now, however, it appears that the rumor may have been just that, as a spokesman for Weinstein now says that he has "no issues" in regards to the virus and there was "never confirmation one way or another" regarding a test for coronavirus.

The report of the positive test was never anything more than a rumor. There were two confirmed cases of coronavirus at Wende Correctional Facility, where Weinstein is incarcerated, but the names of those prisoners had not been disclosed. This made a Weinstein diagnosis plausible, but nothing more. Considering that there were positive cases in the prison, it's possible that Weinstein was tested for the virus, but even that much is unconfirmed. His spokesman, Juda S. Engelmaye, told Fox News he doesn't know if the test was actually conducted or not.

If he in fact did test positive, or had the virus without being tested for it, it appears that he's currently suffering no ill effects, but it's just as likely at this point that he never had it.

In February, Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison after being found guilty of rape in the third degree and committing a criminal sex act.

Harvey Weinstein is suffering from a series of other health concerns, including heart trouble and a bad back as a result of a car accident. According to his spokesman, the real trouble Weinstein is having is adjusting to prison life. At 68-years-old, and sentenced to more than two decades behind bars, combined with his existing health problems, the former media mogul will likely die in prison even without dealing with cornonavirus. Although, all of that certainly would put him in the high risk category if he were to contract the virus.

And Harvey Weinstein's legal issues aren't over yet either. Following the guilty verdict in New York, charges were filed against Weinstein in Los Angeles for additional alleged incidents of rape and sexual assault. Certainly, under the current circumstances, no prosecution is likely to move forward, but once shelter in place orders are lifted we could see yet another trial. Charges in California could see a similar sentence to the one he's already serving if found guilty.

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