How Mel Gibson Has Now Been Roped Into Harvey Weinstein's Upcoming Rape Trial

Mel Gibson in Fatman
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The legal proceedings continues for Harvey Weinstein, as the disgraced Hollywood producer is facing sexual assault allegations made by five different women. Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to the charges and, right now, he’s in the midst of the juror selection process for the case. A hearing was held at the end of this past week, and it resulted in a number of notable developments. However, what’s seemingly grabbed most people’s attention is the fact that Mel Gibson has now been roped into Weinstein’s legal drama. 

According to Variety, a judge ruled this past Friday that Mel Gibson can testify on behalf of Jane Doe 3 during Harvey Weinstein’s upcoming rape trial. The unnamed woman claims that the former movie mogul sexually assaulted her at his hotel in 2010. It’s said that the purported assault occurred after she gave Weinstein a message. Apparently, Gibson is a friend of the woman, and she detailed the alleged incident to him after it occurred. 

The lawyer of the ex-Weinstein Company head argued against having the potential Lethal Weapon 5 star testify. The attorney, Mark Werksman, argued that the Oscar winner has been engaged in a few of sorts with the former movie producer for years now. Werksman alleges that this stems from a dispute over The Passion of the Christ. The lawyer also argued that the actor, who has had his own share of controversies, is now trying to “rehabilitate” his image in the aftermath of the #MeToo Movement. 

Additionally, Mark Werksman requested that the defense be allowed to question Mel Gibson about racist and antisemitic statements he’s made in the past. The judge ultimately shot down that request. Jane Doe 3’s lawyer questioned why such a thing would be necessary, and Werksman argued: 

It goes to his unwillingness to grant equal status to someone who is not of his ilk. He has a white-supremacist view. Someone with white-supremacist values might have no problem perjuring himself against a Jewish defendant.

Should Mel Gibson appear in court, his testimony could have major ramifications on the case. Essentially, if he corroborates Jane Doe 3’s story, it could possibly lead to another setback for Harvey Weinstein. The reportedly ailing Weinstein is not only embroiled in this case but is also seeking to appeal his 2020 sexual assault conviction. As a result of that ruling, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. That same year, Weinstein’s victims were granted a major settlement, and he was also dealt another blow when Ashley Judd won a legal battle against him.

The public will likely be watching closely to see whether Mel Gibson will take the stand. In the meantime, Harvey Weinstein’s case is set to resume this coming Monday, and jury panel dismissals will be covered.

Erik Swann
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