Harvey Weinstein's Reportedly Sick And Ailing In Prison (Again)

Harvey Weinstein in the Graham Norton Show

Film producer Harvey Weinstein had a ton of power during the height of his career, but he's had a very public fall from grace over the past few years. A variety of women came forth with allegations of sexual misconduct, with the #MeToo movement being born in the process. Weinstein was arrested charged with sexual assault in 2018, before being convicted this year and sentenced to 23 years in prison as a result. And now it looks like his health is continuing to decline in captivity.

Harvey Weinstein's health has been making headlines for the past few years, starting with the former producer appearing in court using a walker. And now that he's currently serving time in prison, there have been more reports about his declining health, as well as rumors about possibly contracting COVID-19 behind bars. And the latest of these reports indicate that he's being "closely monitored" as a result of a bad fever.

This update on Harvey Weinstein's health in prison comes to us from Deadline, thanks to a statement provided by his publicist Juda Englemeyer. While he's got a fever that has his reps concerned, they haven't confirmed or denied that Weinstein contracted COVID-19 in prison. But a written statement was provided to the outlet, which reads:

At this time, according to Juda Englemeyer, his publicist, and Craig Rothfeld, his authorized NYSDOCCS and NYS Department of Health Representative, we can neither confirm nor deny that Mr. Weinstein has tested positive for COVID-19. We can confirm that Mr. Weinstein has a fever and is being closely monitored by the excellent medical staff at Wende CF for which the entire legal defense team is grateful. It should come as no surprise that Mr. Weinstein has numerous maladies and conditions including a heart condition, high blood pressure and spinal stenosis. We are working with the NYSDOCCS and the excellent team at Wende CF to ensure Mr. Weinstein receives the proper medical attention he needs.

Well, there you have it. It looks like Harvey Weinstein's health is being closely monitored from behind bars, although there are still plenty of lingering questions about his current condition. Chief among them is the possibility of him having the Coronavirus that has already affected so many people throughout the world. We'll just have to wait for more official information to arrive.

Early reports about Harvey Weinstein possibly contracting COVID-19 came back in March, when information about the pandemic was still being gathered. His spokesman ended up refuting these rumors, although it's clear that the producer still has a number of health issues that are being monitored. This time they didn't give an answer one way or another regarding his possible COVID diagnosis, so there's no telling if/when they'll give more information.

CinemaBlend will continue to update you on Harvey Weinstein's health issues in prison as more details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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