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Boys Don't Cry Director Could Take Charge Of The Carrie Remake

The Carrie remake is a terrible idea. First suggested last May, the project hired Roberto Aguirre-Sacassa, writer of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, to pen the script, but little progress has been seen since (thankfully). There have been names suggested to play the title role, including Megan Fox and Hailee Steinfeld, but none of it has been more than rumor up to this point. Now the first name suggested for the director's chair has popped up, and while it actually isn't a bad choice.

According to Deadline, MGM and Screen Gems are now in talks with Kimberly Peirce to helm the new project. Though she doesn't have an extensive resume, Peirce has directed two feature films, including the Oscar-winning Boys Don't Cry and the 2008 Iraq War movie Stop Loss, which received a more tepid response from critics. According to the site, Aguirre-Sacassa's script is more closely based on the original novel by Stephen King and will be "more grounded than the Brian De Palma-directed film." The story follows a young girl named Carrie who is abused both at school and at home and turns that rage into telekinetic abilities that she uses to take revenge on her tormentors. Brian De Palma's film starred Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, Amy Irving, and Piper Laurie.

I say that Peirce isn't a bad choice simply because Boys Don't Cry dealt with partially similar ideas, but that doesn't mean that this movie should ever be made. There are already far too many horrible horror remakes out there and we don't need them messing with a classic.

Eric Eisenberg
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