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A recent trend in Hollywood has seen many high-profile, and more importantly expensive, films being put on hold. Just before shooting was scheduled to commence on the North American live action adaptation of Akira, the plug was pulled on the project, returning it to development hell. Disney's plan for a live-action The Lone Ranger had similar woes only to be resurrected by Verbinski and Depp, with shooting set to begin next month. That means there is hope that these expensive projects collecting dust can and will actually still get made. An optimistic belief only furthered by today's announcement that the previously pushed aside Paradise Lost has also found new life.

According to IndieWire, who caught up with the still attached (and passionately devoted) star Bradley Cooper doing the press rounds at Sundance, the film adaptation of John Milton's seminal poem is still very much alive and there are even plans to begin shooting this summer.
"We're going to hopefully start in June. Everything's going great. I mean, nothing's done until we're up and shooting."

Attached to the film is the incredibly talented yet (I feel) underrated Alex Proyas whose unique visual style (The Crow, I Robot and most importantly Dark City) would be absolutely perfect to tell this tale. It's actually quite funny when you think about how Cooper was forced to pass on The Crow remake in order to make time to film PL with the original Crow director. And based on that concept art, even with the scheduling conflict no longer an issue, I think Cooper made the wise choice.

And not only that, the role that he's attached to in the upcoming Paradise Lost flick is often said to be the most interesting and juiciest parts in all of Western Literature. Of course, the part I'm referring to is that of Lucifer, who upstages the goody-two-shoes God throughout the entire poetic narrative. He's evil and temptation personified and there's something about Bradley Cooper - from his looks to his perceived attitude - that makes me believe he'd absolutely kill the part if given the chance. Hopefully, his chance comes this June. And if the rest of the cast that was previously assembled remains in tact - including Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck and Djimon Housou - then this film is definitely worth keeping on your radar. Until then, look for Cooper in Derek Cianfrance's A Place Beyond the Pines and David O Russell's The Silver Linings Playbook, which are both due out this year.

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