He's been busy these last few years winning Emmys and charming audiences with his performance as Jesse Pinkman on AMC's Breaking Bad, but Aaron Paul is slowly making his way toward being a legit movie star-- and now he's snagged a huge role that should help him get there. Paul has won the lead role in the upcoming DreamWorks featured Need for Speed, an adaptation of the famous video game due for release February 7, 2014.

Act of Valor director Scott Waugh is set to direct, and though that film was a significant success with an unknown cast, Entertainment Weekly-- which broke the news of Paul's casting-- suggested the addition of the Breaking Bad star could mean some serious name-brand talent could follow. After all, we were hearing just last month that the producers were eyeing unknowns to star in the film, and while Paul isn't exactly an A-list star, he's certainly got a fan base that will follow him into the movies.

Production on Need for Speed is set to begin next year, with a story not based on any single one of the games, but inspired by the title in general. The story comes from Geroge and John Gatins, with George writing the final screenplay; John is no slouch, though, having written the upcoming Robert Zemeckis drama Flight, which closed the New York Film Festival last night. As for Paul, you can also see him in the terrific indie film Smashed, which opened in limited release this past weekend. He and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's Mary Elizabeth Winstead star as a married pair of alcoholics whose relationship faces severe tests when she decides to get sober. The movie's also pretty funny, though I know that's hard to believe from the description. And for your last dose of Paul as Jesse, Breaking Bad's final episodes will air next summer.

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