Even with a ton of great new movies opening this weekend, The Twilight Saga appears to be unstoppable over the Thanksgiving holiday. According to the earliest box office estimates at Deadline, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is poised to win the weekend with an estimated $58 million, after making $12.5 million. That is, of course, on top of the $300+ million it had already made worldwide.

The good news for fans of the week's new releases is that a lot of them are doing just fine at as well-- The Muppets made an estimated $7.3 million yesterday, putting it on track for a $50 million weekend and a firm second place. And while the delightful Arthur Christmas is behind Happy Feet Two, with just $2.8 million yesterday, it still could make $22 million for the weekend, which isn't nothing. Both The Muppets and Arthur Christmas have also earned A and A- Cinema Scores, respectively, which means moviegoers may continue coming back to them even after the mega holiday weekend is over.

As for Martin Scorsese's Hugo, it opened on far fewer screens than The Muppets and Arthur Christmas, it's having a smaller weekend as a result-- right now it's estimated for $11 million for the weekend, which is of course just a tiny fraction of its massive budget. But by opening it on fewer theaters Paramount is clearly setting it up to be more of a long-term success, so don't weep for Scorsese just yet.

We'll keep an eye on the box office throughout the weekend as more numbers come through. In the meantime, go eat some turkey!

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