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Brett Ratner And Brian Grazer Talk Cast Chemistry And Underdogs Behind The Scenes Of Tower Heist

The cast is probably one of Tower Heist’s biggest selling points. With Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, and Dave Chappelle set to star, among others, it’ll be very interesting to see the kind of chemistry these actors have when the comedy hits theaters next month. Chemistry is one of the things Brett Ratner and Brian Grazer talk about in this behind-the-scenes video for the film.

Tower Heist follows a group of employees who plot to steal back the money that was taken from them by a thieving Wall Street titan (played by Alan Alda). Described as a comedy caper, the film is directed by Brett Ratner and produced by Brian Grazer, along with Eddie Murphy.

Ratner and Grazer talk about working together in the video below, which was posted by, as well as working with the cast, and audiences connecting with the film, because it’s an underdog story. You’ll also get a peek at some of the sets, including a Ferarri that appears to be hanging from the side of a building at one point, a rooftop scene, and a lot of green screens.

Tower Heist is making headlines lately due to Universal’s plans to release the film by Premium-On-Demand three weeks after the movie releases in theaters, which is apparently making some movie theaters very unhappy. Those who would prefer to watch the comedy from the comfort of their own living rooms may feel differently.

Tower Heist hits theaters on November 4, 2011. More on the film can be found in our movie database.

Kelly West
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