With their theatrical release date fast approaching, The Weinstein Company is stepping up promotion for the heralded documentary Bully with a trailer that touts the film's call for widespread change. Sure, bullying is something every kid endures, even something many people see as a necessary part of growing up. However, what filmmakers Vic Alarcon and Lee Hirsch posit is that bullying today has gone to a crueler extreme that's leading to shocking violence and even suicide. Harvey Weinstein supports their crusade to end this bullying epidemic, and so has been entreating the MPAA to overturn the R-rating given for coarse language. Weinstein insists Bully contains an important message that adolescents need to hear, not be barred from.

The latest trailer from Yahoo not only displays some of Bully's disturbing scenes of kid-on-kid violence, but also entreats audiences to be a part of the solution, and join the movement to stop bullying:

Bully follows five families over the course of a year to show how bullying has affected their lives. There's the Smalley family from Oklahoma whose 11-year-old son was pushed to suicide by the intense abuse he endured at school on a daily basis. Then there's Ja'meya, a 14-year-old who—after endless harassment on her hour-long bus ride each day—sought revenge by bringing a loaded handgun to defend herself. Finally there's kids still dealing with their tormentors, who attack them physically and verbally with a truly shocking relentlessness. Yet Bully isn't meant to be a tragedy, but an eye-opening call for social change.

TWC is still fighting to get Bully the PG-13 rating that will allow it to be screened for schools, giving the access to the audience most in need of its message. If you think Bully should be awarded a PG-13 rating, you can show your support by signing this petition. You can also advocate for change by visiting Bully's website, and pledging that you will personally stop bullying by stand up and speaking out.

Bully will open in select theaters March 30th. Whether or not it will accept the MPAA's rating remains unclear.

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