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It’s been quite a few years since Rob Reiner has put out a film with even a smidgen of the warmth and timelessness that the first chunk of his career is known for. It’s weird just saying things like, “From the director of The Princess Bride, Stand by Me, and…The Magic of Belle Isle.” As lovely a movie as that was, it’s a drop in the cinematic bucket.

But his next film, And So It Goes, has a lot going for it, with Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton as the two leads. The film just began production in Connecticut, and its young third lead has been cast not a moment too soon. Sterling Jerins, best known to audiences as Lily Bowers on NBC’s Deception, has signed on to play Douglas’ granddaughter in the film.

Jerins will soon be seen in big films all over the place, as she’s playing Brad Pitt’s daughter in the soon-to-be-released thriller World War Z, as well as Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s daughter in James Wan’s upcoming horror effort The Conjuring. She’ll also play someone’s daughter with Owen Wilson in the thriller The Coup, and in Andrew Levitas’ upcoming drama Lullaby with Amy Adams. There’s no going the indie route for Jerins.

For And So It Goes, she is the granddaughter who Douglas’ self-absorbed real estate agent never knew about. She gets dropped off at his doorstep and he enlists his caring neighbor (Keaton) to help him change his life around to allow for love to creep back into it. It sounds amazingly schmaltzy, it’s true, but I’m hoping the film has a bite to it, but I’m not convinced that Mark Andrus screenplays are capable of doing that.

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