The world knows Michael Fassbender from his roles in arthouse gems like Hunger and Fish Tank or as the debonair film critic-turned-spy Archie Hicox in Inglourious Basterds, but we're all in for a big change of pace. Fassbender is starring in Neil Marshall's Centurion, a sweeping war movie set during the Roman Empire's attempt to settle the reaches of northern England in the year 117 AD. It's brutal, it's intense, it's pretty over the top, and it's all the proof you might need that Fassbender can handle action star duties as well as everything else.

Centurion hits theaters in late August after a July bow on video-on-demand, and to ramp up the excitement, IGN has the first official poster for the film. It's actually pretty impressive, and a nice break from the usual floating heads similarly "epic" movies get. Fassbender looms over a blur of soldiers and axes, wielding a sword and looking ready to kick some ass. Take a look below.

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