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Tomorrow brings us 22 Jump Street, our return trip to the world of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The movie reunites 21 Jump Street stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and their chemistry remains as airtight as ever. As undercover cops Jenko and Schmidt, they infiltrate a college in order to find out who is circulating a drug called WHYPHY. But, ultimately, they also grow closer, as friends, and as a crimefighting unit.

I sat down to talk to Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, the two busy stars of 22 Jump Street. The two stay incredibly active – Tatum will be seen in this year's potential awards contender Foxcatcher, while Hill will be in True Story -- and both have a considerable amount of films in development for next year and beyond. But as far as re-igniting that flame of chemistry, it wasn't very hard to re-learn the basic dance steps.

This time, Tatum and Hill are definitely the odd men out on campus, looking slightly older and struggling to fit in just as they learned about a whole new social caste system in the first film. Understanding the world of college proved to be a challenge to Tatum and Hill, the latter who co-wrote the film and spoke of the struggles to understand that world.

And finally, superstar Tatum is set to appear in an upcoming X-Men film as Gambit. But which film? And when? And what kind of Gambit will he be? Unfortunately, Tatum struggled to find the answer to these questions, as the film, and central idea, remain in the development phase. Though he was very eager to discuss the raging Cajun (he perked up off-camera when he excitedly asked, "Are you a Gambit fan?"), we might be a long ways off from seeing the character in motion.

22 Jump Street opens tomorrow.

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