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Chase Scene From Men In Black 3 Shows An Unexpected Inspiration

"Imagine being able to travel safely at incredibly fast speeds and not having to go to the stupid fart-faced airports!" implored South Park's Mr. Garrison before unveiling his innovation in personal travel, IT.The device seen above boasted incredible benefits, including 300 miles to the gallon, and being able to travel safely at speeds of over 200 miles per hour. It was cutting edge technology, but its fatal flaw was the invasive flexi grips.

Ultimately, IT was an invention ahead of its time, but what time? Men in Black 3--like a number of blockbuster offerings of late--is rewriting a bit of history, and bringing Garrison's design back in the 1960s. In the clip below—courtesy of Yahoo—Will Smith's Agent J has traveled back in time, and after his car gets crushed by Jemaine Clement's Easy Rider-looking alien menace Boris, young Agent K (Josh Brolin doing a pretty solid Tommy Lee Jones impersonation) calmly busts out a pair of IT—minus the penetrating flexi-grips—from the bottom of the busted ride. Then, these men in black are off in hot pursuit!

Racing through New York City, J is in familiar territory—trying to prevent the total annihilation of planet earth once more—but is back to being a fish out of water as he swerves through traffic on the wily IT while Clement's baddie fires something vile out of his wrists. The action's fast-paced and dynamic with plenty of collisions and some solid CGI composition work. Unfortunately, the clip cuts off before things can get really interesting. But with Men in Black 3 opening May 25th, this clip comes off as a well-timed tease.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.