When Jackie Robinson was first brought into the Major Leagues, it was obviously insanely controversial. The country was still extremely divided on race issues and there were many fans and members of the Brooklyn Dodgers organization that wanted Robinson off the team. That wasn't the case with Dodgers Manager Leo Durocher, however. In fact, Durocher once famously said, "I do not care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a fuckin' zebra. I'm the manager of this team, and I say he plays. What's more, I say he can make us all rich. And if any of you cannot use the money, I will see that you are all traded." Now imagine those words coming out of the mouth of Christopher Meloni, who is now in talks to play the role in writer/director Brian Helegeland's Jackie Robinson biopic 42.

Variety is reporting the news, saying that Meloni is close to joining Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford in the cast. Boseman, who has spent his career largely doing single episodes on various television series, will be playing Robinson while Ford is attached to play Branch Rickey, who famously signed Robinson to the Dodgers in 1947. Meloni has been busy of late, filming episodes for the upcoming season of True Blood and he also has a role in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel playing Colonel Hardy. Helegeland is best known as the Oscar winning writer of L.A. Confidential and his previous directorial efforts include Payback, A Knight's Tale and The Order.

Not only is Meloni awesome in general, he has the perfect attitude to play Durocher. This casting is nothing short of perfect.

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