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Here’s a new Inception question for you: is there air conditioning in limbo? By the look of those dilapidated buildings, I’d guess not. There wasn’t any at one particular Inception screening either, when director Christopher Nolan showed up to watch his movie with an audience and get sense of that awesome end credits reaction we told you about yesterday.

According to one attendee’s account posted on Movieline, at about 10pm, the 8:15pm showing at the Arclight Cinerama Dome went black. The house lights came on and heckling ensued. Eventually a theater representative announced that due to an air conditioning malfunction, the rest of the film would not be shown. I wonder if this is a common occurrence at this theater because moviegoers were so outraged, they were dumping their sodas on the floor. Upon leaving the theater is when Movieline’s source caught a glimpse of Nolan and actor Dileep Rao on their phones while signing autographs.

On the semi-bright side, the Arclight did offer all of the attendees the chance to watch the film from the beginning in a different room. On the other hand, that’d mean starting a 148-minute film all over again after you’ve already watched two thirds of it. At least it’s a damn good film.

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